Ahm addresses classic avoidance techniques

18 May 2015

Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne

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Avoiding issues is a skill in its own right, but this man retreating into the bowels of his couch to avoid health insurance takes the cake.

The advert, by DDB Melbourne, is the latest for health insurer Ahm, aiming to push the "tax time" benefits of taking out insurance, by drawing focus to the avoidance reflex common in consumer behaviour when it comes to getting a policy. In this case, the trick to avoiding health insurance questions means disappearing into the couch, quite literally.

DDB Melbourne ECD Simon Bagnasco said: "It's a campaign steeped in truth. Hiding in the couch is my go-to move when it comes to avoiding chores. The fact this idea resonates so strongly with my family is a sad indictment on my personality."

The campaign also marks a push by Ahm to shake up the category in terms of its product offering and communications, according to head of marketing and communications Peita Golden.

"We can't afford to outspent the big players in the category, but we can afford to be more pointed," Golden said.

"Many people put off getting health insurance, even though it can save you money at tax time. This campaign brings that insight to life, but in a likeable way that will stand out in the category."

The television commercial was shot by Canadian comedy director Benji Weinstein and is supported by outdoor, online, radio and press

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