How We Roll

21 February 2014

Advertiser: Asahi Woodstock Bourbon
Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Media Agency: Cummins&Partners

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This is how Woodstock rolls. CumminsRoss has created a town that travels by barrel to promote the barrel-aged bourbon Woodstock.

The taste of Woodstock is improved the more the barrels are rolled so the entire town of Woodstock, Kentucky gets involved. Scenes show the townsfolk ‘barallel parking’ and a barrel car chase.

It is the brand's biggest ever Australian campaign and is designed to reposition the drink to appeal to a broader audience.

A 60-second spot will air on TV during the 2014 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the campaign also includes TV, radio, cinema, digital and in-store activity.

Greg Ellery, Asahi Premium Beverages CEO said: “This new campaign has already been embraced incredibly well by trade and consumers. It was essential that we broadened the appeal of Woodstock, and we believe this new campaign will do just that. CumminsRoss showed a deep understanding of the brand and their creative and media work was outstanding.”

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