19 April 2013

Advertiser: Durex

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If you ever thought cyber sex was only about touching one-self, you were wrong. If you're ready to give your partner the controls to your vibrating underwear, Durex has just the threads for you.

Durex has unleashed 'Fundawear', which is exactly what it sounds like. The idea is couples who are forced apart by distance – whether across continents or just in the other room – don't have to fantasize about what their touch is like, you can feel it.

Through a mobile app, each partner can cause tingling sensations in their partner by controling vibration technology built into the 'fundawear'. So for example, if you wanted to touch your absent spouse in... you get the idea. Let's not get too crass about this.

We don't know yet if there's an off button but if there isn't, just make sure you let your partner know know before you walk into an uber-important meeting. It could be hard to explain.

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