The New York creative shop’s Australian office founded here by David Nobay and friends has had a wild 12 months, starting with its landmark win in June last year of the Qantas creative account following a hotly contested pitch. Chief executive Sudeep Gohil called it a “defining moment”, and it most definitely was.

Droga5 now boasts among its clients the country’s biggest airline and biggest telco. Not a bad consolation for the loss of CUB a few months earlier. Since June the Sydney office has doubled in size from 70 to 140 staff. Not content to sit on its hands after the Qantas win, the agency has picked up a steady stream of new business including Pinnacle Liquor Group, OzHarvest, BSc, Sunsilk and Sunbeam.

Such rapid growth is great but not an easy proposition. Word on the street was that Droga5 was burning through juniors in its rapid expansion, although it flatly denied the rumours.
Sourced from AdNews Agency Report Card, May 31 2013 edition.

What they say:

At Droga5, we define ourselves as a ‘Creative Business Consultancy’; combining the rigor and strategic candor that you would associate with a business consultancy, and the creative audacity that you’d expect from the best advertising agencies. This also means that not every problem is approached from a communications viewpoint, and not every solution is an advertising campaign.

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