ThinkTV research misses the mark without mobile

Facebook head of strategy & media planning Dan King
By Facebook head of strategy & media planning Dan King | 13 September 2017
Dan King

I don’t see homes without TVs now, or in the future. As an Aussie, I have a real passion for local TV developed from over 16 years of working at TV networks. Magazines and newspapers will continue to be read. There’ll be many more episodes of Star Wars seen in cinemas. 

Cross channel measurement is tough and we admire ThinkTV for stepping forward to try and solve for this. The single biggest challenge with their recent research studies is that mobile seems to be missing in action.

When I heard about ‘world-first’ Benchmark Series study funded by ThinkTV I was excited about the potential insights the research would provide.  It promised to qualify which media delivers the greatest impact on sales for advertisers. The research is substantiated by academic pedigree and draws on robust research methodologies. At face value it promises independent analysis and insights, providing a foundation for advertisers to make effective business decisions. 

As I took a closer look at the research, it started to become evident that it seemed to be missing arguably one of the most prominent screens in consumers lives - mobile. The research methodology confirmed this: ‘The second phase of the benchmark series will capture mobile viewing data for TV, Youtube and Facebook’.

I was hoping for a substantive comparison. But as the study only included Facebook adverts seen on desktop, the findings show significant gaps. As a mobile first company, over 90% of people accessing our platforms are on mobile. Facebook cannot be evaluated without mobile being included.

ThinkTV has assured us Mobile is to come. When it does, will it be important to understand how Mobile is evaluated? Was the creative built for mobile feed for example?

I think as an industry we have an incredible opportunity to provide our clients with research that distills realities from all that’s available to advertisers.  And provides context as to which situations are served best.

As someone who has been in the industry for over two decades within both ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ environments, I’m optimistic that all aspects of the broad advertising ecosystem will recognise that we must start working together effectively – and not against each other.

CMO’s ask me - ’How do all platforms work together to drive the best return in investment?’. We would like to play an active role to help us as an industry answer that question, in a meaningful and actionable way to help advertisers achieve better business results.

Just as I don’t see home without TVs in the future, I don’t see lives without mobile devices.

We look forward to the opportunity to work in partnership with ThinkTV on more rounded research in the near future.

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