Spikes day 3 - 2Pac is alive

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
By Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane | 25 September 2014

The quote of the day here at Spikes Asia is "2Pac isn't dead, he's rapping all day on YouTube". Thanks Auliq Ice.

We're not sure what that has to do with advertising, but it really got us thinking about all of the amazing entries to the festival that we've seen displayed for everyone to admire. We are in awe of the amazing creative strategy that has gone into producing this work.

Walking back to our hotel we got talking about how advertising - when done right - stays engrained in culture for years. Our personal favourites being the Aeroplane Jelly jingle, The Banana Song and of course Happy Little Vegemites. 

But getting back to the now, our favourite shortlist entry of the day was actually in the outdoor, live advertising and events category. This was from I&S BBDO Tokyo for the Kamine Zoological Support Association Mineko-Club.

Basically, how do you get young people to go to the zoo. We know where we're headed as soon as we finish competing...

The idea "Zoo Jeans - made by animals" was all about creating a 'cool factor' about the zoo amoungst the youth in Tokyo, so the agency targeted a fashion trend. Distressed jeans. Getting animals, namely the resident lions, tigers and bears to create a one of a kind pair of ripped jeans that were later auctioned off.

Without a doubt, this idea will stay with this audience for a long time, just as 2Pac has. Sort of.

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
UM Brisbane

Nelson and Hannah are blogging for AdNews while they compete in the Young Spikes competition.

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