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Pippa Chambers
By Pippa Chambers | 2 May 2018
Pippa Chambers

Welcome to the first full AdNews edition with our new team fully settled in.

You’ll notice a few changes, a splash of fun and a hint of mischief in this issue. We’ve handed over our precious monthly canvas to the fine creative minds that make the industry go around – with a competitive edge to it of course.

We’ve also added a people of the industry focus in our new Spotted spread, zoned in on smaller or more unique agencies in Spotlight, shot an injection of fun in with our tongue in cheek illustration and have slid in a cheeky confessions section with Adland Secrets.

Not having all our content online always frustrated me in my former role as a greedy digital editor at AdNews. I wanted everything on the website – everything.

This new role has made me think harder about what we look to the magazine to do for us and the first thing that jumped out at me was putting our front cover to better use.

What better way to showcase the creative brilliance from adland than letting them loose on the front cover – and what better agency to use than our very own AdNews Agency of the Year, CHE Proximity. See: 'Make your own Truth' - CHE Proximity designs AdNews May Cover.

I thought I was excited about the idea, as in really excited, but after a few chats with CHE, who were what I would describe as pumped, energetic, positive and raring to go, that my excitement rocketed to a whole other level.

It also got me thinking about the whole process of clients, briefs, agencies pitching ideas and seeing that all come to life, and how (kind of) being amidst this process was such bloody good fun – and actually largely in part due to the enthusiasm and effort of the agency.

Needless to say we are thrilled with the cover. I hope readers feel the same and standby for another six covers for 2018, including our coveted AdNews Annual celebrating 90 years of advertising.

In-print you’ll also get access to in-depth features, people stories, and much more. And as a taster of what’s to come, there’s also a special New Zealand issue in the works, Power 50 and much more on people and culture.

The cover, our feature on The Work and our Creative Review, which sees senior industry execs critique ads, are just a few in-print items focusing on the creative and it’s an area we plan to ramp up on even more.

As loyal AdNews magazine readers, it’s also important you know about the full AdNews offering, not just in-print.

For those that don’t know, our revamped podcast, now recorded at Universal Music, lands this month so take a listen. Also, don't forget our Media & Marketing Summit Melbourne event is 25 July.

As the industry changes so must AdNews and while changes are afoot, there’s always room for more.

I’m very much still in canvas mode and am looking to hear more about what people want and need from their favourite industry publication. Whether it’s print or online or even our events – AdNews is here to serve the industry and my mobile is always on.

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