Adman: Far from home

Aaron Hackett
By Aaron Hackett | 17 June 2020
Aaron Hackett

Aaron Hackett, the adman who was made redundant, finished a crime novel, worked in a warehouse and then got a new job, has created a superhero. 

I’m one of the lucky people in society to land a new, good job in their profession. For the first time in three months, I was able to go into the office for the day and meet (at a distance) my co-workers.

Walking through the inner-city streets again felt like listening to an amazing song I hadn’t heard in years; yet, it was so far removed from the comfort of my home that I suppose we have all grown attached to.

These feelings seem justified because I don’t know what going back will look like. Am I scared to go back to normal? I’m not sure. The definition of normal changes by the day. One thing is true, that I had to put on jeans for the first time in three months and they are much tighter.  

Off the back of my two articles that chronicle my journey, I have received a wave of positive and warm responses in many different forms. The theme of many of this feedback is clear; People have lost their jobs, hope and are isolated in lockdown. They feel good to talk to someone about it.

People also want to see something good coming from this shamble. So, after brainstorming with my sister, and having a few laughs, I decided to create Adman as my alter-ego: an overweight superhero character. So, I created a Facebook group named after this fictious hero.

With the Homer Simpson signal, you know the one where Bart and Lisa see the signal and think Batman’s really let himself go?  I think Adman might be a blend of Homer Simpson and MR T. Not sure yet, but it needs to be in the superhero genre because my instinct says it’s the right thing to do. (also, Homer is a hero –don't deny it.)  

Who is Adman? I believe that our society incorrectly heaps praise on those that are successful, instead of those who are in the throes of creation whether it be a new business, novel or painting. 

They are the ones who benefit most from praise. So, Adman will be a place where you can share your story no matter what chapter you are in. Some of you may not wish to tell your story, some aren’t confident enough, or don’t want to be officially published, Adman is for you. As a starting point, you can read my articles and go from there. I don’t want judgement, jut encouragement for those mentally or physically vulnerable and struggling right now. 

As an example, from a couple of chats, it was really interesting to note that of those who lost their jobs, and have found other employment outside their chosen profession, all found it very relaxing to work in a different environment. Media land and most other professions are a pressure cooker and it was lovely to not come home feeling like I'd received electroshock therapy.

When I was in the warehouse, it was quite an unusual experience to be working and not being bogged down with stress and deadlines. I felt free and energized, I could think about my own thoughts and reflect upon my life to this point.  

Putting myself out there was scary, I probably don’t know you, you could be from any background.

People could have judged me. One thing was for sure it’s been a highly uplifting and enriching experience telling you my story. I found my voice and the subject matter I want to talk about. It's cathartic and helped me to move on. 

I’ll keep writing these articles in the hope that it will give at least a candle in the dark, for some of you who are struggling and tickle your sides in unison. My articles will be the same honest stories with a dash of description, an update or three and some writing flair you’ve already enjoyed to date. 

Search Adman on Facey, follow, like or comment, or do whatever you please.  

Much love, Adman.

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