Young Gun: Ikon Communications trading manager Kelly Leverton

18 July 2019

Our Young Gun profile takes a look at some of the young talent across the advertising, ad tech, marketing and media sector in Australia. It aims to shed light on the varying roles, people and companies across the buzzing industry.

Today we speak to Ikon Communications Brisbane trading manager Kelly Leverton.

Time at the company:
Three years.

How long have you been in the industry?
Six and half years.

How did you get here? Was this always the plan?
While at university I wanted to be a suit on the creative side but took a role at a media agency after feeling the crunch to secure a job following graduation. I quickly discovered my analytical mind was much better suited to media, and later found the perfect blend between numbers and people skills, taking on a trade role at Ikon.

Who is your right-hand person/who guides you day to day?
My investment director Shalyce McLean. Personally, I’ve never meet someone more passionate about the impact our role as traders have on client investment. She pushes us all to not only think outside of the box, but completely forget the box if it’s what our clients need most. The ying and yang of our personalities and working styles makes for an entertaining and rewarding work dynamic.

What’s the best thing about the industry you work in?
The people. It’s people who turn what we do from a science into an art. I’m very fortunate to work with such a diverse group of people, creating a melting pot of opinions which challenges my way of thinking daily.

And the biggest challenge?
The perception of the role automation plays for media moving forward. Automation enhances our role, it doesn’t replace it. It’s more critical than ever to apply the art, and human lens to what we do, and the onus is on agencies to educate our clients on the importance of our specialism, and how we can navigate them through the ever-changing landscape of data.

What job have you set your sights on in the future?
One that doesn’t currently exist. I have always been a bit of a hybrid, and a current challenge of mine is finding a role which is the right fit for my skills set, allowing me to have an impact where it’s needed most.

Where do you turn for inspiration?
People outside of the industry. Often, we succumb to living in a vacuum of media, but those I love and respect who aren’t in the industry are often my greatest source of inspiration. They see a simplicity in what we do, but experience its profound impact, which is a perspective we often miss.

My favourite advert is:
The Louise Delage influencer campaign, where by Addict Adie created a fake influencer account featuring photos of Louise’s glamourous lifestyle. It wasn’t until a message about addiction awareness was posted on the account that followers realised every photo had featured Louise holding a drink.

Smart, simple, impactful. The best thing about this campaign is the moment of reflection it creates for each of us. The change of perception which so many advertisers strive for, but often over complicate.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?
While I was in university I had a side business making wedding cakes. To this day, I’m happiest in the kitchen, baking up a storm while my dog licks the crumbs off the floor.

In five years’, time I'll be:
Doing a role, I never would have imagined for myself. If I’ve learnt anything from my time in the industry, it’s that nothing we see now will be the same in five years’ time. We must be adaptable and not only be open to change, but usher it in. For myself, I hope that within the next five years, I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone enough to be able to take on a role I never would have thought was in my capacity.

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