Top 10 trending podcasts, iHeartPodcast - October 12, 2021

By AdNews | 12 October 2021

The iHeartPodcast top 10 trending podcasts for this week.

Trending Podcasts

  1.     The Sydney Siege
  2.     The Imperfects
  3.     Suspect
  4.     Casefile True Crime
  5.     Chat 10 Looks 3
  6.     The Drop Out
  7.     Everybody Knows
  8.     Life Uncut
  9.     Huberman Lab
  10.    Toni and Ryan

 Based on the shows generating the most traction across iHeartRadio and the broader podcast ecosystem.

 Feature Podcasts:

The Sydney Siege

December 15, 2014. A gunman took 18 hostages in the heart of Sydney. 17 hours later, the terrorist would be shot dead, 2 innocent hostages would be killed and Australia’s iconic city would be stained forever. Louisa Hope and her Mum walked into the cafe that morning and left just after 2am the next day, wheeled out on ambulance beds after being shot in the crossfire. This is Louisa's story of the moment that changed Australia forever.

Toni and Ryan

Toni and Ryan are 'just friends' from Melbourne, and after their videos took off online, they figured they'd give this a crack! For their take on everything in life from the good, the bad, and the awkward, they bring their fun garbage to a podcast near you.

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