ThinkTV: The facts on the effectiveness of Facebook video advertising

By Kim Portrate | 30 July 2019
Kim Portrate

While the debate rages on about Facebook’s My Screen report, ThinkTV’s Kim Portrate says the errors and withdrawal of the report aren’t the real issue. The issue is the facts.

This is not a debate about the PWC report. This is a debate about how effective Facebook video advertising is as a platform for marketers.

ThinkTV is a strong advocate of industry debate – debate is healthy and constructive, and all sides need to be heard. But to be heard you need to be armed with the facts. So, let’s take a few minutes and do just that.

Fact. TV reaches more people than Facebook
As already established this week, data shows Facebook’s desktop video has an audience of 4.547 million. There may be upwards of 17 million reading text content on the platform but there is a considerably smaller percentage of people watching video.

According to OzTAM Data, TV reaches more people in a single day than Facebook desktop video does in a month. (Source: OzTAM Metro 5 Cap, Feb ‘19, 0200-2559, Total People, Total TV); RegTAM Regional, Combined Agg Markets, Feb ‘19, 0200-2559, Total People, Total TV).

Fact. Advertising is better if you can see it
Advertising on TV and BVOD is 100% viewable.

Less than 1% of Facebook video advertising is watched in full when TV’s 100% pixels and 30 second norms are applied.

TV advertising plays full screen with the sound on. Basic stuff. It doesn’t struggle with competing on-screen editorial and there won’t be a problem with the consumer scrolling past your ad in their newsfeed.

Fact. Reaching light TV viewers is important
When you advertise on TV, you can reach 100% of light TV viewers. Period.

Fact. Advertising needs to be remembered
Advertising on TV and BVOD is remembered for longer than Facebook, almost 100 days longer. Consumers forget Facebook video advertising in six days. If they see your video ad on any given Monday, it’s forgotten before the week is through.

Fact. Advertising needs to deliver sales
TV on a TV delivers twice the sales impact of Facebook on mobile, the social network’s device of choice. And TV experienced on mobile delivers three times the impact of Facebook on mobile devices.


There is no question that every medium and platform has a role to play in the media mix, but it’s time to start talking about the facts that drive effective business outcomes.

To dig deeper into the detail and understand more about the relative effectiveness of TV advertising and Facebook video advertising, visit


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