The WFH Diaries - Praful Desai at TVSquared

Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 14 September 2021
Praful Desai.

AdNews last year launched the WFH Diaries during the depths of the fallout from the pandemic, a way of sharing how people were spending their days.

This time we're asking for a run down on how everyone likes to start their day working from home. Some dress to impress, others slip on the t-shirt.

And everyone has their own way to carve the day into manageable chunks.

Praful Desai, Business Development Director, TVSquared

I’ve developed a routine to inject some productivity into those moments of silence between video conferences. I’m an early riser and the day starts with yoga and meditation. Between ZOOM meetings I take mini breaks, go for a walk during lunch, and interactions with family and friends remind me I’m not alone. I also enjoy listening to Bollywood music and watering my plants, which has become a cathartic activity for me (they’re not dying anymore!).

Lastly, I have lots of interactions with my TVSquared colleagues in the UK and US offices, where the Covid situation is slightly different to Australia’s – sharing positive stories with each other definitely helps.

What’s the upside?

There are minimal office distractions! I’m able to plan my day better and follow a routine, meaning I get more done. With everyone at home, it’s also meant more quality time with my wife and family, and we’ve definitely learned to appreciate the Hills area where we live, which is full of open space and greenery. 

Lockdown also encouraged our neighbours to get to know each other better, and there is now a regular street chat group.

The downside?

I miss those corporate face-to-face meetings, conferences, and networking events – whether with clients or friends. I strongly believe that in-person meetings can be more productive and effective than virtual ones as, at times, I find it challenging to get all my ideas across over ZOOM.

How are you using the commuting time saved?

The extra time has helped me prioritise my health and wellbeing – I’ve taken up yoga, meditation, and weights at home, as well as regular walking during the day.

I’m also cooking more these days and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. There’s nothing better than cooking something for the first time and taking pride in how delicious it is! My cooking has been helped by my new-found interest in taking care of my veggie patch. It’s the first time I have grown my own veggies (my current crop includes cucumbers, carrots, and radishes) as well as some herbs. It’s a great feeling to eat the food which you’ve grown in your own backyard.

The other upside is I can do my community charity work in the extra time. I have been assisting new migrants and students in free food distribution through a not-for-profit charity organisation.

I am looking forward to being back in the office because…

I can’t wait to have face-to-face catch ups with clients, experience a café again or enjoy a beer at the pub. I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with people and having Friday evening catch ups with colleagues!  

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