The Oscars creates buzz in Aussie metro areas

Nicola Riches
By Nicola Riches | 24 February 2015

Social media and brand engagement in Australia around yesterday's 87th Oscars may not have hit the same levels as the US, but the buzz in the five metro areas was certainly notable – not just owing to the appearance of Julie Andrews alongside Lady Gaga.

The live broadcast on Nine dominated the daytime timeslot, with a five-city average audience of 361,000, peaking at 544,000 viewers.

The post-event, evening broadcast on GEM delivered 248,000 viewers. Across the two broadcasts, just over two million viewers were reached.

Village Roadshow sponsored Nine's live broadcast, promoting the Bradley Cooper film, American Sniper.

In Australia, the most re-tweeted comments of the night included Cody Simpson talking about Elton John's AIDS charity gala and comedian Josh Thomas' quip that The Oscars have “always been gay”.

Twitter has collected together a timeline of its most popular Aussie tweets of the night. It can be viewed here.

Twitter's global reporting suggests that the largest spikes in conversation (measured in tweets per minute) were driven by the co-appearance of Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews, Alejandro Iñárritu winning Best Picture for Birdman and Patricia Arquette's speech for Best Supporting Actress.

Google hit the event with a real-time marketing campaign for its iTunes competitor Google Play by promoting links to buy and stream films as they picked up awards. Ads were apparently created on the fly as the Oscars played out.

Facebook has not made any local information available, but on a global level some 21 million people engaged in 58 million interactions relating to the event. Lady Gaga's appearance with Julie Andrews also topped the list of most-posted and most-discussed, as did Alejandro Iñárritu winning Best Picture and Patricia Arquette's speech.

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