Product placement in video clips using AI

By Chris Pash | 20 January 2020

Television channels in China are using AI-driven programs to automatically place products within videos after production.

The systems help solve the problem of finite space within video clips to place advertisements.

Traditionally, products needed to be in the video production process.

Now AI technology allows marketers to drop brands anywhere they want in a video during post-production.

Industry analysts Forrester says reality TV show broadcasters like Hunan TV and Mango TV, part of the Hunan Broadcasting System in China, are embracing programmatic product placement to meet changing customer and marketer needs.

Mango TV's online video platform uses customer demographics to automatically adapt product placement, such as inserting different ads for male or female audiences into the same scene

“Product placement on reality TV is an emerging advertising opportunity,” sasy Forrester in a case study.

“Reality TV shows are booming on satellite TV and online video platforms, and brand marketers are interested in placing ads there.

‘These shows are more relevant to daily life than TV dramas, and thus ideal for product placement.”\

Here's how it works:

product placement

In China, satellite TV must adhere to strict government regulations on the number of commercial minutes per hour

This AI product placement system solves the problem of limited ad inventory.

“AI-fueled computer vision technologies can scan through footage in post-production and identify potential locations to place ads, such as empty tables, the ground, walls, or even smartphone screens,” says Forrester.

“They can also identify the transition keyframes and calculate the length of time of an ad. This allows broadcasters to create a digital ad inventory that brands can use to position their products.”

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