Perspective - The power of passion and collaboration

By Tracey Iskander | 14 December 2023
Tracey Iskander

The AdNews end of year Perspectives, looking back at 2023 and forward to next year.

I believe that sharing what you’re passionate about is extremely important in life and in business. You can feel it when someone is passionate about what they do. It’s contagious. And it strengthens relationships with like-minded individuals. Just like my new found passion for English premier league footfall. Both my sons have fallen in love with the sport, know every detail about each player and team, especially Liverpool. Their passion has definitely rubbed off on me and I now know more about football than I ever have! 

Incredible results can be achieved when people share their passions and goals. People are extremely generous in their willingness to support and it’s something I as a business owner (bringing innovation to the industry) experience each week. 

Passion lights the fire and it also fuels persistence in the face of challenges. Most challenges can be overcome through perseverance, the advice from others and fresh thinking. 

Each challenge that you overcome acts as a source of motivation to keep you going. 

Change management and persistence are closely connected, especially when it comes to successfully implementing and sustaining change initiatives within organisations. Change is not a one-time event but a process that takes time to fully embed. Persistence is required to maintain the momentum of the change effort. Consistent and continuous efforts are essential to ensure that the new practices or systems are integrated into the organisation's culture and become the new norm. 

Another point I have found so valuable in 2023 is the power of collaboration. The more you collaborate with others, the better the end result usually is. 

I've been fortunate enough to work with many talented and creative individuals in our industry, people who want to drive change and improvement. I've found that collaboration helps to keep me inspired and motivated, and it often leads to new opportunities and ideas that I wouldn't have come up with on my own. I believe it’s important to collaborate and find common denominators in order to be stronger as a business and person. Collaboration is personally and professionally enriching.  

That’s why we love what we do at #Marquee, and we created a platform that facilitates ease of collaboration among many other benefits, allowing everyone to reap all these wonderful well rounded positive results. 

Lastly, collaboration fosters an environment to see different perspectives. Seeing perspectives often begins with empathy, but also allows you to open yourself up to continuous learning and personal growth. You gain new insights, ideas, and knowledge. 

It is my wish that the spirit of passion, persistence, and collaboration continues to thrive in our industry as it continues to morph in the face of a challenging economy, digital transformation and AI and changed working environments. They are the things that not only bind us together, but can also bring about lasting and positive change, whatever 2024 throws at us! 

Tracey Iskander is co-founder and managing director at Marquee 

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