Perspective - Reflections on 2023: A year of focused growth amidst uncertainty

By John Bevitt | 1 December 2023
John Bevitt.

The past year has been anything but predictable. Amidst the escalating cost of living crisis, rapid advancements in AI, and global uncertainties, it has felt like we were all in a continuous state of adaptation.

Our focus at Honeycomb Strategy has been on doubling down on what we could shape and control —our voice in the market and our internal culture. Our goal this year was to shift from being the 'industry's best-kept secret' to a more visible and impactful player. We fine-tuned our value proposition, amplified our market presence through meaningful content and recognition, and garnered awards for our work and culture.

On a personal note, prioritising and maintaining a healthy, empowering mindset through health habits has helped to bring my A-game every day and navigate challenges with resilience and clarity – which has been especially helpful now becoming a dad of two! And hey, it paid off! We've grown, landed some fantastic clients, and worked on projects that really make a difference.

Expectations for 2024: Growth with a twist

The coming year is shaping up to be a big one. AI's not slowing down, and we're getting on board. We're not talking about replacing our team with robots but giving them AI tools to augment and help them do even more awesome work. It's all about bolstering their productivity and giving them space to engage in more meaningful work.

As we scale, our priority remains fostering a healthy, empowering workplace culture that celebrates authenticity and the unique contributions of our team. We're putting our values front and centre by working towards B Corp Certification, aligning our operations with our ethos of being a sustainable and responsible business.

State of the Market: A strategic focus amidst budget scrutiny

From discussions with clients, there continues to be increased scrutiny on budget allocation, cutting back on unnecessary costs and the pursuit of real, tangible ROI. While a lot of lower-end, tactical work is getting brought in-house, thankfully, our commitment to delivering clear, measurable ROI and strategic impact has put us in a good spot.

Talent and Industry Workforce: A shift towards employer-favourable conditions

The post-COVID era initially saw the pendulum swing towards employees, with the 'great resignation' leading to heightened salary demands and premium talent. However, recent trends indicate a re-balancing, with employers having greater choice in talent.

At Honeycomb, our approach to hiring stays the same. We're on the lookout for people who are not just skilled but who add something special to our team and culture. Our growing market presence and never-ending focus on becoming Australia's best place to work has made attracting great talent a whole lot easier.

John Bevitt is Managing Director of Honeycomb Strategy

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