Pandemic Habits - The post lockdown audience segment The Great Escapers

Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 15 October 2020

A post lockdown audience segment,The Great Escapers, has been revealed in research commissioned by Val Morgan.

They are young with high household income and are more positive towards society, brands, and the future than other groups. 

Independent research firm The Owl Insights has revealed that the desire for out of home experiences is stronger.

The research saw upwards of 1,000 Australians surveyed and included responses from both regular cinema goers and the public about their current attitudes toward entertainment experiences.

Australians, after too much time spent in the confines of work and home, are now seeking to break free and once again enjoy social entertainment.

“There are certainly a wide range of moods and mindsets in response to such a profound event as COVID-19," says Matthew Sandwell, director at The Owl Insights.

"Encouragingly, the research highlights that people's response is not all negative, and that those with the most positive outlook, most open to what brands have to say, and most willing and able to make big purchase decisions are also the first to come back to cinema."

Cinema plays a key role in the current craving for freedom and indulgence. Three quarters (76%) of Australians are missing the opportunity to go to the cinema, and up to 94% expressed the intention to go the cinema as often, or more frequently, than they did before lockdown.

“The foundations of the cinema experience are stronger than ever, with audiences keen to escape and immerse themselves in different worlds. This study has affirmed that Australians have a love for cinema that is not going anywhere, and as such, the benefits to advertisers are arguably more appealing than ever before,” says Guy Burbidge, managing director Val Morgan said.

“Our current thirst for ‘the third space’ – beyond the limits of the home and workplace – is clear.

"Alternate entertainment options such as SVOD, BVOD and FTA TV have played their role during lockdown, however the research highlights several of their shortcomings.

"Audiences do not feel the same sense of anticipation or indulgence that a trip to the cinema brings. In fact, The Great
Escapers are wanting to watch less FTA TV moving forward and with their in-home AV preference being SVOD and ad-free, makes them notoriously hard to reach for advertisers.

“In contrast, cinema consistently delivers a higher quality, more immersive, engaging, memorable environment where brands can tell their story. With the unbeatable mix of the big screen, unrivalled sound quality and a captive audience, cinema is amongst the most powerful mediums for brands to connect with quality audiences.”



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