News Corp offers advertisers inventory at a cost per hour

Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 24 September 2020

News Corp Australia usd a virtual event to launch a cost per hour offering to advertisers on its inventory, a way to quickly generate leads and an off-the-shelf solution for retailers.

The Targeted Time in View (TTIV) offering, unveiled at News’ Decoded virtual event, guarantees advertisers quality attention in front of their target consumer. 

If 100% of their message isn’t viewed in contextually relevant environments, advertisers don’t pay. 

Suzie Cardwell, general manager data and ad product solutions, says News Corp Australia’s digital audience network already delivers more time with audiences than any other commercial network. 

“In fact, according to Nielsen, sites like provide 32% more time than our closest commercial competitor,” she says.

“It’s that length of engagement that allows us to now guarantee our customers time with their target audiences.

“In a market-first, this game-changing product allows us to offer clients the ability to buy blocks of time with their target consumers.”

“Want 20,000 hours of exposure to tech enthusiasts, main grocery buyers or perhaps home improvers?

“We won’t just deliver it, we’ll guarantee it, and only ask customers to pay if their ads have been seen by that audience for that full 20,000 hours.”

News also announced Lead Generation, a fast qualified lead capture product without interrupting the user journey on the News’s 12.2 million a month digital network audience.

Clients only pay for the leads they get.

“Finding customers at the right time, when they’re likely to be receptive and keeping them as you ask them to click away from the environment they’re already in is challenging,” says Cardwell.

“Drop off rates can be up to 90% between clicking on a call to action and moving to another site.

“Using simple formats in-article and on-page, a future customer can simply enter their details into a short form, right where they are, then continue reading or watching undisturbed.

“We collect these details, making sure we get the consumer to consent to their information being shared, and then we make them available to the client, ready to contact.”

Shop Centre is a e-commerce management solution for retailers and run by News Corp Australia’s digital marketing agency News Xtend.

The product manages storefront setup, product inventory and advertising to drive sales in various marketplaces, optimising each shopfront or marketplace listing, their inventory and the promotional drivers to get customers to it.

“The last six months have seen an exponential increase in online sales, and now is the time to take advantage of this shift in consumer behaviour and ensure your products can be found online in as many marketplaces as possible,” says Cardwell.

The product has been designed to make sure customers’ products appear the right way, across Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google Shop, Shopify and more.

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