Migration of eyeballs from traditional to digital is 'myth' says AusPost

By Rosie Baker | 28 March 2014
Source: Australia Post. Creating Connections that Matter.

There is a mismatch between the channels marketers are investing budgets in and the channels consumers feel are most effective, according to a report by Australia Post looking into the marketing and media mix.

AusPost, which makes a vast chunk of its revenue from direct mail services and collateral delivered through the postal system, claimed the migration of eyeballs to digital channels from traditional channels is a myth. Despite popular belief, even younger demographics are influenced by direct mail.

Quality Online Research undertook the research for Australia Post.

It's findings suggested that all demographics are agreed that traditional channels like TV, press, radio direct mail and catalogues are the most effective media channels. The company's research also suggested that catalogues and flyers came out as the top channel in all demographics. Some 62% of people saying it is the most effective, according to 9,600 surveyed online and some focus groups.

The implication is that the scaling back of investment by brands in three of the top five channels - press, DM and catalogues - is misguided.

Tracey Fellows, EGM, communication management services, Australia Post, said: “Like many of our customers, Australia Post has been challenged by the emergence of digital communications and their impact on the habits and behaviours of Australian consumers. So it’s not surprising that we’re keenly interested in both traditional and emerging communications channels available to individuals and businesses today.

“One of the great advantages of digital channels is their enhanced measurability and the data they can generate. However, when marketers are considering open rates, listenership figures or clicks, it can be easy to lose sight of the customer perspective – their view of your business, your messages and the methods you use to stay in touch with them.”

AusPost has identified the most useful channels consumers identified for different product categorises. For fashion and supermarket brands, catalogues and flyers top the list. For banks, telecom and utilities, it's TV, online and DM.

The survey found that 62% of Australians are receptive to advertising, while 17% described themselves as ad-junkies who seek out and soak up ads. Just 15% of Australians feel negativity toward advertising, according to the findings.

AusPost surveyed a representative sample of 9,600 Australians and asked how useful different communications channels are across 45 real-life scenarios to gauge how effective they are in influencing things like the purchase decision, customer retention, loyalty and brand switching.

The report is suported by ADMA. CEO Jodie Sangster said: “I am also delighted to see that the research starts to dispel some of the myths that are currently influencing marketing decisions in Australia and around the globe. I would like to think that results will challenge marketers to think differently about the channels they use to communicate with customers and how they allocate their marketing budgets to reach their audiences.”

Source: Australia Post. Creating Connections that Matter.


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