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Jason Pollock
By Jason Pollock | 5 July 2023
The JustEggs team.

JustEggs specialises in the convergence of creative, media and data, helping brands drive customer acquisition and retention while evolving the digital ad market with effective and measurable solutions. 

CEO Nik Kontoulas, who founded JustEggs in 2013, said that while there's the general expectation that going into next year, the market is going to be generally flat in terms of digital, the company perceives this as a significant opportunity.

“Even if the digital market is flat, it becomes a necessity to maximise the impact of media dollars to achieve true growth. Clients are going to be spending the same amount of money on media, so they're going to want to make their media work harder,” he said.

“The good thing about that is every single model I've ever built from 2013 onwards has been designed to deliver real world results rather than vanity metrics that people talk about. 

“We're pretty enthusiastic about providing transparent outcome-based digital solutions to not only the existing clients that we have, but also building up our sales team to talk to new clients about the same solutions.”

Kontoulas said that JustEggs has always prioritised integrating creative, media and data in a transparent way and has been steadfast in remaining committed to offering solutions that break down digital bias and ultimately benefit the client and agencies.  

“What's great about that is we're witnessing a shift in the industry, especially in this market, that the whole market is finally recognising the importance of transparency,” said Kontoulas.

“A lot of holding groups are moving towards transparent models for their clients and they're aligning the whole teams and their strategies for that and that fits very well for us, because, within a market where digital media dollars need to be working harder than ever before, we have the most transparent, creative and visual solutions in market.”


Ricky Chanana (pictured right), who joined JustEggs in February as chief growth officer in February, has been friends with Kontoulas since the pair worked together at Sensis MediaSmart in 2007.

After nearly two decades in global corporations, whether at the likes of GroupM, Unruly or Twitch, Chanana said that it's been “incredibly refreshing” to join a strong, independent Australian business. 

“For me, the biggest motivation for the last five months has been the ability to be so agile and nimble to deliver solutions to clients on the go,” said Chanana. 

“That is always a challenge in big global corporations, because of red tape and the approvals, so that is so refreshing. None of our solutions are one size fits all - we take feedback from clients, we customise it, we then adapt, we adjust and then we act. 

“There's never been a better time to work in a strong local business to grow the economy. The way I think about is ‘think global, act local’ and that’s the kind of manifesto I’d like to work around locally.”

Kontoulas said that he’s been following Ricky's journey ever since they worked together over 15 years ago and is “extremely proud” of what he's achieved since; the decision to bring him onboard was motivated by the CEO looking for someone to elevate the business. 

“I needed some other leader there that has experience in the market and that has been in that corporate environment to work with me, as well as holding me accountable for my decisions,” he said.

“Everyone says, ‘oh, you've hired an old mate’ and sure, that helps and that's great, but that's not why we hired him. He was ultimately hired because he's got a great status in market, he's got still got this massive fire in the belly and he's got that undeniable appetite for the solutions and pushing harder for success for clients.”

The hire appears to have paid off for JustEggs – Kontoulas said that he’s never had so many people come up to him at events saying ‘you guys are everywhere’ and ‘you guys are doing some great things’. 


“We’ve always been focused on doing these things, but what Ricky’s done is really elevated that and let the world know what we're doing. I think it's probably gone tenfold in regards to our presence in market,” said Kontoulas (pictured right).

Having spent the first quarter of the year in evolving the product website and go-to market tech, as well as celebrating its 10th birthday with a party on Sydney Harbour, Chanana said that JustEggs’ mission remains the same for the rest of the year and beyond - how to bring three different disciplines in tandem to deliver a unified solution

“One of the products which we're very excited about is leveraging the rise of digital commerce in the industry,” said Chanana.

“We’re bringing a product where we are merging three different technologies in a creative to deliver an eCommerce solution which will give the clients awareness, consideration and purchase intent in one format. 

“We've got a couple more innovations we’re adding moving forward, so watch this space - JustEggs will be out in the market creating great solutions for our clients and we’re super excited about it.” 



Ann Nguyen - Head of Corporate Branding

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

My biggest challenge is to understand all perspectives within our business to be able to see the bigger picture and effectively promote JustEggs in the best way possible. However, embracing this challenge is where true growth emerges, and I wholeheartedly welcome it with open arms.

What does a typical day look like?

As part of the corporate branding function, my typical day consists of short-term tactical support for the team while still having a big focus on the long-term goals and vision of the wider business. This includes but is not limited to discussing ongoing projects, providing guidance, gathering updates, brainstorming ideas, reviewing design concepts with our Chief Growth Officer Ricky Chanana, and most importantly ensuring that everyone is aligned with the overall branding strategy.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

I'd like to reframe this question since I have been with JustEggs from the very beginning. What keeps me committed to JustEggs is the continuous evolution of its direction, vision, and growth. It feels as if I have worked for three distinct companies within the span of my almost 9 years here. Personally, experiencing this business flourish for the fourth time (watch this space) has been both a journey of professional growth and an emotional fulfillment.

What are you focused on for 2023?

To enhance my creative visions and artwork, I strive to align them effectively with our business ongoing expansion and business identification from a marketing standpoint. My goal is to accelerate my expertise and broaden our marketing platform into unexplored territories, uncovering fresh avenues for growth.

What do you love most about your role?

I have the privilege of engaging in my true passion: being creative. This role not only allows me to grow personally and professionally but also grants me the opportunity to focus solely on corporate marketing after spending eight years in the production department. Taking on the position of Head of Corporate Marketing has brought an exciting twist to my career.



Harpreet Kibbe - Solutions Director

What does a typical day look like for you?

I do not function without coffee, so my morning oat flat white is a must! My typical day consists of working with my agencies and helping brands better understand the digital world and how JustEggs can enhance their marketing strategies. Meetings, meetings, meetings! Whether this be in person or on a video call, it is an essential part of my role. Effective communication and collaboration is key.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

One of the biggest challenges for me is sustainability. How can our company, in collaboration with agencies and clients within our supply chain, contribute to reducing our carbon footprint in the advertising industry and create a more sustainable future of work and the next generation? It will be very interesting to see how we are going to adopt change for a better future.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

Having spent more than 18 years in the media industry working for multinational corporations, what drew me to JustEggs was its status as a locally owned company led by one of the most talented and passionate individuals in this field, Nik Kontoulas, in my opinion. JustEggs may be an SME business, but the talent on this team amazes me. Also the core ethos of JustEggs being transparent and agnostic has so much to oer in this complex and ever growing landscape.

What are you focused on for 2023?

I'm thrilled to be part of an exceptional team that will implement groundbreaking solutions in the digital space with the launch of our new product suite. My ultimate objective is to ensure that my agency partners and clients have a comprehensive understanding of our product solutions in a fast-paced and ever-changing market. I am dedicated to pursuing growth and relentlessly achieving both my personal and professional goals.

What do you love most about your role?

Within the industry, those who have crossed paths with me know that I am an outgoing and sociable individual, truly embodying the traits of an extrovert. As a people person, I thrive on connecting and collaborating with my peers, agencies, and clients. Furthermore, the dynamic and ever-evolving world of AdTech constantly challenges me, but it is precisely this fast-paced environment that fuels my energy and motivation.



Alex Martin - Solutions Manager

What's the biggest challenge in your role?

Staying up to date with market trends has its challenges, digital marketing moves so quickly and is an ever-changing ecosystem (Rise of AI, new privacy and ACCC regulations and laws) so to stay up-to-date with everything digital can feel as though you are building the car while driving it at times.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different and that's what I love about it, it's fast-paced and multi-faceted and that keeps it interesting. What stays consistent is collaborating with the whole team to offer the best advertising solutions for all our clients, so a typical day is working with some pretty amazing individuals and seeing ideas come to life with the strengths and skills of each department. Most days we have a laugh and have fun together, that is really important to me.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

JustEggs is small and privately owned and has strong output in the market. It is a workplace where you are seen and heard and can work closely as a team to make impactful advertising solutions. I have learnt so much in the nine months I have been with the company and grown professionally and individually in a short space of time and I think that is something significant to JustEggs, there is a lot of freedom and opportunity to grow and support both your personal and professional goals.

What are you focused on for 2023?

Continuing to learn and build strong relationships with my clients and getting new clients on board. 2023 is a big year for JustEggs, with exciting new solutions to market for us. So, my focus is bringing these new solutions to life for my clients and finding new brands to create with. A personal focus outside of JustEggs is continuing to work on yoga and breathwork, these two things give me the ability to show up as my best self every day at work and outside of it and really allow me to stay aligned to my purpose.

What do you love most about your role?

The diversity of it, no two days are the same and that keeps it fresh and exciting and challenges me in a way that I am always learning. Having the ability to work with industry veterans (Ricky Chanana and Nik Kontoulas), stay curious and meet new people is the best part of my role at JustEggs.



Roberto Roldan - Head of Creative

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

As head of creative production I still see so many creative executions that are generally run of the mill, late-stage assembly campaigns. While some of them perform well enough and deliver on their success metrics, a vast majority are forgettable and get lost in the mix. The biggest challenge for me is guiding marketers to be more innovative in their creative approach, and to help them realise that you can do so much more creatively without too much effort. So much has evolved in digital advertising in recent years but yet creativity in this space seems to have plateaued or even regressed. I am a big advocate in the creative component of a campaign strategy because despite all the technical capabilities, it is the creative experience that still resonates with people the most.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day in my work life involves closely working with sales and production and having to juggle my time between the two departments. I support sales in winning briefs and acquiring new client opportunities through creative strategy which involve detailed design mocks, presentations, and consultations with the clients directly. Within operations I work closely with the customer success and creative teams on booked campaigns overseeing the production and final output of creative executions. As a very hands-on creative lead, I still spend a lot of time on creative related output brainstorming, concepting, designing, developing, and managing digital ad campaigns.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

Having worked with Inmobi since 2012, Just Eggs was our direct competitor in the mobile advertising landscape. Fast forward 10 years post-covid Just Eggs continues to be a formidable long-standing player in the game. At this point in time I was personally exploring other creative avenues outside the realm of digital marketing having focused much of the last 12 years of my career in the field. However as fate would have it, Just Eggs was expanding and looking to bolster their creative offering with the addition of some new heads. Not many opportunities come along where the job description matches your skill and experience to a 'T'. I've always liked what Just Eggs was doing, and with past colleagues already in the team, joining Just Eggs was simply a no brainer.

What are you focused on for 2023?

By the end of 2023, my goal is to make a profound impact on Just Eggs, and I have a clear plan to contribute to the business in several key ways. To begin with, I'll build on existing and new client relationships by advocating creative innovation and work with them in a way that elevates their overall approach to creative solutions, which in turn will improve campaign outcomes. Secondly I'll fine-tune our already efficient production processes and foster a collaborative culture that would allow us to scale and improve on the quality of our output. Finally I'll dedicate time to help the business broaden our product offering and develop solutions that will benefit brands and services across a wider range of verticals.

What do you love most about your role?

What I will always love most about my role is that it allows me to personally exercise my natural creative inclinations in so many different ways - through beautifying things with design, through meaningful problem solving that makes a difference, through discovering and shaping compelling communication, through developing effective and engaging user interactions, and the crafting of impactful and memorable visual experiences. What I love most about my role at Just Eggs is being part of a vibrant group of hungry and talented young individuals who are teeming with potential. The dynamics of the team is inspiring and makes me feel optimistic about the future of Just Eggs.



Vanessa Siciliano - Front End Developer

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

Finding the time to accomplish everything I want to achieve. My focus most of the days is making sure we deliver top performing bespoke creatives for each client, but there is always a list of new technologies I wish to explore to be able to offer our clients. We are always brainstorming as a team what we can do to be different in the market, which very much excites me to work on over the next year.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Being a small agile team, collaborating with every team member is crucial in making each campaign a success. Working together building on each other's strengths allows us to tackle each idea effectively. Most days for me will begin with checking in with the team, discussing any ongoing projects and brainstorming new ideas we can bring to our clients. For any custom activation it is my responsibility to find the most effective way we can incorporate technical integrations.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

When looking at new opportunities and entering into my first corporate role, I loved the idea of joining a small business and was really attracted to the close knit group at JustEggs. This made me feel so much more comfortable entering into a new industry and I felt so welcomed and encouraged by the team. Over the past almost 7 years I have been at JustEggs it feels very much like a second family to me and I am so excited to see the growth over the years and where we can grow together in 2023.

What are you focused on for 2023?

2023 is a very exciting time for us as we are launching some new products. This is giving me an opportunity to expand on my role, explore new APIs and how we can best implement these integrations so we can deliver an eective and engaging product range to our clients. Developments like these get me very excited to work and collaborate with the team each day.

What do you love most about your role?

I love how different everyday can be, with the diverse range of builds I produce and technologies I use daily. Some days I could be working on a custom gaming activation and the next I could be building a great dynamic campaign. This keeps me excited for each day as I really enjoy the challenge and there is always a different approach to solve the problems that arise.



Giselle Gonzales - Digital Producer

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

The biggest challenge in my role as a digital producer for JustEggs Digital is managing and coordinating multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring that they are delivered on time and within scope.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, such as graphic designers, developers, ad ops, sales and our clients, to plan and execute successful campaigns. I oversee the production process, from the beginning to final delivery, while also monitoring project milestones and addressing any issues that may arise.

What attracted you to JustEggs?

What attracted me was their innovative approach to digital advertising and their commitment to creating impactful and engaging experiences. I was particularly drawn to their focus on leveraging emerging technologies and data-driven insights to drive meaningful results for our clients.

What are you focused on for 2023?

In 2023, my main focus is on staying ahead of industry trends and helping evolve our digital strategies to meet the changing needs of our clients in this ever changing market. I’m dedicated to exploring new technologies (formats) and platforms that can enhance our digi campaigns and deliver exceptional results.

What do you love most about your role?

What I love most about my role is the opportunity to bring creative ideas to life and see the impact they have on our clients' campaigns and overall businesses. I enjoy working with a talented and diverse team, and the fast-paced nature of the digital landscape keeps me motivated and constantly learning.

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