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Jason Pollock
By Jason Pollock | 5 March 2024
Jaid Hulsbosch.

Since being founded by executive creative director Hans Hulsbosch back in 1982, the independently owned strategic branding and design agency that shares his name has been responsible for some of the country's highest profile rebranding projects such as Qantas, Woolworths, Rebel, Taronga Zoo, A-League, Virgin Australia and more.

Hans' son Jaid, who is director of the agency, says that Hulsbosch is responsible for not only creating the visual identities and logos for some of Australia's most recognisable brands - think the likes of the Qantas kangaroo or the Woolworths 'W' - but also the brand strategies, market positioning, tone of voice, vision and values.

"Having those big, iconic Australian brands, trust us with articulating the vision and values and purpose and brand strategy, and then executing those in terms of a visual identity and a logo, is very rewarding," he says.

Hulsbosch says an important aspect of who the agency is, both in its heritage and through to the present day, is its proud independence.

"We're not owned by some agency in New York or we don't have to report to somebody in London; we make our own decisions, we work with who we want to work with, we set the direction in which we want to go and that enables us to invest as well into the culture and the team where those opportunities sometimes are not afforded to those at other agencies," he tells AdNews.

"Being independent is one thing, but then playing at the level that we're playing at whilst still remaining independent is very unique in this market. Maintaining that consistent level of work and remaining independent to then be able to create that consistency and freedom of work is key.

"Our expertise is in branding and design, and the client's expertise is in their field, but the partnership and how we work together is what creates the great work."

Looking at the independent agency space in Australia more broadly, the younger Hulsbosch says it is thriving and "only getting better".

"The bigger, more creative advertising agencies are all independents," he says.

"I think it's great for the industry, I think it's great for the client and I think it's great for creativity as well as there's no constraints."

On the agenda for 2024 for the agency is much of the same as it's done already - continuing to be the brand guardians for the clients that it currently looks after, says Hulsbosch.

"And of course, to continue to find new ways to partner with other iconic Australian brands," he tells AdNews.

"For us, it's more of the same and we're in a fortunate position to be able to have those sort of conversations with those types of clients and to deliver on the expectations that are that are put on us.


Carolyn Pitt

Carolyn Pitt - Client Strategy Director 

What attracted you to Hulsbosch?

Having worked in independent brand agencies since arriving in Australia in the mid-2000s, the family-owned nature of the business was always a draw for me. But it’s pairing that with the iconic brands that Hulsbosch both creates and refreshes / repositions / rebrands that really sealed the deal. And it’s a diversity of clients – being ‘iconic’ doesn’t just mean being the biggest, most famous or most profitable brands, rather, it’s the brands that know who they are and what they stand for, born of client teams that trust us to take them on that journey of discovery, definition and expression.

What do you love most about your role?

Learning. The brilliant part of working for a focused branding agency is that we get to deep dive into our clients’ businesses to understand what makes them tick. This insight it not just critical to producing great work, but personally, it’s motivating and feeds my curiosity every day. From emerging professional services industries to long-established manufacturing businesses, to sports organisations, to charity and social sector causes, being in touch with so many corners of the business and organisational world keeps me interested day after day, year after year.

On top of this, being involved in and witnessing the growth and success of my team and the wider team in our studio is a rewarding part of my role. At Hulsbosch we have a strong senior team, and also a keen developing team that are on the up and up. Sharing knowledge, supporting them, and seeing them grow in ability and confidence brings a lot of satisfaction with it.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

The biggest challenge is balancing the different ‘speeds’ of work my role requires. Any one day can require jumping from deep-thinking brand strategy development requiring quiet uninterrupted stretches of time, to account and project management tasks requiring rapid fire micro switching, to having an engaging and compelling presence in business development meetings, to more softer skilled aspects of team management. It makes for a full-on working life, but one that is never dull.   


Marcel Wijnen

Marcel Wijnen - Creative Director - Corporate

What are you focused on for 2024?
One of the things I'm interested in for 2024 is exploring how we can embrace AI in our work. The technology is advancing at lightning speed, and I believe it will continue to permeate our internal processes. I don’t see AI as a replacement for idea generation but as an enabler, providing fluidity, ease, and intuition in the way we bring ideas to life.

What do you love most about your role?

I love the moments when as a team, breakthroughs happen—gaining new perspectives on a problem, gaining fresh insights into the audience, discovering the nuggets of a new idea, or nailing that design execution. Not only the big creative breakthroughs, but sometimes the little ones can feel just as rewarding.

What attracted you to Hulsbosch?
It’s the idea that I could make a difference. Hulsbosch attracts clients who are seeking high calibre rebrands and brand refreshes, enabling us to collaborate closely with them to redefine or define the essence of who they are in a fundamental way. The trust clients place in us to undertake something so meaningful always feels like such a privilege.


Mikey Hart

Mikey Hart - Creative Director - Consumer

What do you love most about your role?

Leading our team and guiding project stakeholders through the intricate layers of brand building involves applying a robust blend of strategic intent and creativity. Throughout my experience, I've had the privilege of actively participating in the launch of more than 15 new brands into the market. The process of crafting brands from the ground up has been immensely gratifying, particularly when in the hands of those who genuinely appreciate and love what we've created. Creating brands aligns perfectly with my passion for making a tangible impact in the industry.

What attracted you to Hulsbosch?

5 years ago, the enticing prospect of establishing and guiding a recently formed consumer brand team led me to Hulsbosch. The appeal of taking a leadership role at the forefront and infusing my authentic self into the workplace and my approach to delivering the creative was particularly attractive to me. Working with one of the country's largest retailers, specifically within Coles' diverse portfolio of brands. Being a part of such a significant player in the market presented a unique platform to not only influence and create but also to make a substantial difference.

What are you focused on for 2024?

Advocating and demonstrating balance. On a personal note, ensuring my life is creatively fulfilled beyond the workplace prevents me from burning out. Activities like travel, short trips, hikes, playing soccer, and quality time with my family are especially invigorating for me. Central to my focus is integrating mindfulness practices and maintaining a balance between physical and mental well-being. This helps me approach work with ease and clarity, creating a positive and approachable work style.

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