Media agencies on the QMS upgrade of the City of Sydney outdoor network

By AdNews | 29 November 2021

Media agencies see the opportunities from QMS' plans for the high traffic City of Sydney outdoor network as perfect timing, with Australia's largest city emerges from pandemic restrictions.

The outdoor specialist in June was appointed to an exclusive 10-year agreement to create a premium, reimagined network of street furniture for the City of Sydney (CoS).

The agreement will see a newly designed suite of bus shelters, communication panels, kiosks and public toilets replace the current furniture, most of which has been in place since 1997. The new network will include more than 800 panels.

The City of Sydney covers 26 square kilometres and is home to high-income, educated and high-spending prospective customers. More than half of its 250,000 residents are managers or professionals, 44% have a household income of more than $140,000 a year, and 49% are big spenders on lifestyle products and services.

Nick Thomas, National Head of Investment, Mediacom: "The City of Sydney rollout by QMS was perfectly timed with the QMS brand refresh, you can see that QMS are clear on what they want to achieve in 2022 – ‘Out of the Ordinary’ – and CoS was just that.

"The CoS was well thought out and slick, and worth the wait. The new network will freshen up the city, will no doubt wow city goers and will also give advertisers the opportunity to take advantage of innovative new assets.

"The new pack set up gives us a great buying framework as an agency to easily understand how the different panels can drive advantages for different clients. The clever new positioning means agencies can add packs together to get deliver different objectives, from SOV, category take overs or different weights."

Liz Wigmore, General Manager, Foundation Works: ":We’re so excited to see QMS' City of Sydney network commence rollout!

"There’s a lot of excitement among our agency village and our client partners to see the network in real life. The fact it’s launching during Sydney's first Summer post lockdown makes it even more special.

"I am a huge fan of the packaging options that QMS is offering as they really allow brands to have greater range on how the CoS network can be brought to life within our connection plans. Brands are looking for more tailored and flexible options within their media choices and QMS’ approach to this absolutely delivers on that.

"With diversity, equality and inclusion as well as sustainability being two key trends our clients are focussed on, QMS’ CoS network delivers on both. A design philosophy of '’access for all” as well as materials that are sustainably sourced and recyclable has been really well received by our client partners.

Andrew Murray, National Head of Trading, UM: "After an elongated tender process and delays for the roll-out due to COVID, UM Australia are excited for the upcoming new City of Sydney opportunities that QMS will bring to the market for our clients.

"The opportunity to use targeted packages at smaller weights will be optimal for key clients like Lion, who are targeting pubs, clubs and bottle shops; or for Nestle targeting convenience stores and supermarkets.

"For clients or campaigns which historically have not had larger budgets, the chance to access one of the best premium advertising opportunities at a smaller investment level is going to be well received.

"Planning and buying for our clients will be made more efficient by the consistency being delivered across the CoS opportunity.

"Having a standardised SOV across digital (15% SOT) and 100% SOV for static panels will be aligned to where the whole of the outdoor advertising market is eventually moving.

"With over 90% of the new CoS inventory being digital, our programmatic outdoor clients have a great opportunity to access the CoS assets on a scale not seen before.

"It is highly anticipated that UM Australia clients of all sizes will be keen to access the new CoS assets as they roll-out over the coming months."

Artemius Panov, Activation Director, Spark Foundry: "With the installation of new street furniture assets we also have a new way to buy the City of Sydney. QMS has brought to market a range of panel packs which give buyers the flexibility to align panel selection to specific campaign objectives.

"These packs – bought in isolation or as a combination – allow clients to activate in all kinds of ways, from big brand-building campaigns to the hyper-targeted approach where you’re after a specific consumer.

"These packs are underpinned with data and insight, as QMS has added transactional data and GPS to their data stack, enhancing their DYNAMiQ offering.

"Backed by QMS’s agnostic verification approach, it makes for a fascinating OOH offering in 2022 and beyond."

Claire Butterworth, General Manager of Investment, Groupm: "QMS’ City of Sydney development is an exciting moment for Sydney and perfect timing as the city reopens.

"The quality of the new infrastructure in both its premium nature and accessibility is impressive, but the sustainability story with ethically sourced, highly recyclable materials and energy saving features resonated with us at GroupM and I am sure will also resonate with our clients.

"We also welcome the improved data proposition, with QMS a key partner of GroupM’s Sightline Programmatic Digital OOH product. I am looking forward to seeing this product come to life and see our key advertisers actively utilising this unique space."

Diana Ilinkovski, Chief Marketing Officer, Stan: "State-of-the-art and featuring a high-impact data driven approach, the new QMS City of Sydney network will provide greater access to digital panels, increased marketing flexibility and leading-edge geo-targeting, while delivering a vibrant and rich out of home experience.

"Renowned throughout the entertainment sector for our leadership in delivering extensive OOH campaigns for both original Australian and international productions, Stan looks forward to supercharging our strategy with the City of Sydney’s new digital network – powered by QMS."

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