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Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 11 November 2021

Media agencies welcomed new tools showcased at the Outdoor Media Association’s (OMA) first OUT-FRONT event.

The industry revealed initiatives to be available for agencies and clients from January 31. This includes an update to MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure).

Ryan Menezes, GroupM CTTO: “While the long-awaited MOVE 2:0 update was delayed to 2024, the announcement of MOVE 1:5 includes some exciting upgrades for agencies and vendors alike. 

“Expanding its measurement capabilities to include both classic and digital panels, MOVE 1.5 will allow advertisers to measure against 9/10 people in Australia and improve the way we are able to plan, buy and measure OOH.

“The headline addition was the integration of the “Neuro Impact Factor” tool to make planning campaigns easier as it leverages qualitative attention & memory data to understand the potential impact of a campaign. 

“This was touted as a much needed complement to reach & frequency as it allows planners to go more in-depth when they’re looking at how to best engage with audiences."

Lorena Chiarella, Sydney Trading Director, UM: “It’s fantastic to see the adjustments to MOVE that have been in the works for a while are finally coming to fruition. 

“Ultimately, we look forward to MOVE 2.0 as the end goal, however it’s great to be able to access MOVE 1.5 from January 2022.

“The changes will be extremely beneficial not only to our clients but also agencies as we can now be more confident in the reach and frequency of our out of home campaigns, and plan in a more sophisticated way across multiple formats.

“Whilst we at UM have been applying impact factors to our Outdoor planning for some time now, the introduction of a third-party industry standard to measure impact across formats has been very much needed.  

“The standardisation that MOVE 1.5 brings will also help to develop programmatic OOH as a more viable and robust buying tactic, giving confidence to clients in trialling and ultimately increasing their budgets into OOH media.” 

Tina Gavros, PMX General Manager – Trading: “I’m fortunate to be a part of the OFC team to collaborate on key initiatives by the OFC (Outdoor Futures Council), OMA and clients – I know a lot of work has gone into delivering these, and it’s great to see them launched and now available to the industry.

“Move 1.5 is a rich data source. It’s a platform that not only allows us to see the impact and relationship between static and digital by format, but the key is that it provides updated audience data - which is fundamental for planning. I love that it’ll enable us to use that data in a more effective way, to better plan the channel, and ultimately provide better client outcomes. It will also undoubtedly help in driving growth into the outdoor channel. 

“The standards project was an important one to solve. It meant that we could create a uniform approach to some of the fundamentals, and remove any ambiguity. In doing so,  it allows us to focus on using the outdoor channel effectively, being more strategic and creative within the category.”

Pia Coyle, Managing Partner, Avenue C: “As the chair of the OFC, it was great to see the culmination of a lot of hard work and collaboration with the OMA in the work presented at the Outfronts. 

“We are really making a difference to how Outdoor media is measured, planned and executed, with really tangible outcomes for our clients – more accountability, transparency and intelligence than this channel has even seen in Australia. 

“Standardisation, verification and measurement are cornerstone projects that will continue to evolve as we move into 2022 and beyond.” 

Sam Buchanan, General Manager, IMAA: “Any investment in automation is welcomed by the media agency industry. The MOVE 1.5 measurement tool is the much-needed update and will fill the gap until MOVE 2.0. Plus, NIFi is a progressive metric and a great addition to the MOVE, both showing innovation, ease of transaction and are standardisation focused.

“It’s great to see the OMA tell the sector’s great story and putting outdoor in such a positive light. I loved the announcement to be the first media channel to be carbon neutral.”

Sue Cant, AFFINITY Head of Media: “We are excited to hear that MOVE 1.5 will now have the capability for digital screen measurement as well as classic.  This has always been a struggle point for agencies when trying to prove the incremental worth of digital screens on an out-of-home plan.  We have always known that classic is best for those broad, mass reach brand plays and digital for path to purchase but this finally gives us the data to back up the use of these two very different formats.  To have this additional capability allows agencies to plan OOH for full funnel activities not just a pure broadcast play.

“The focus on the neuro impact research study was great to see, and with MOVE 1.5 we will be able to see the correlation of reach, frequency and the overall neuro impact of a message.  Again, more data for us to help guide clients around effective and memorable messaging, to really resonate with our audiences on an emotional level.

“And hallelujah finally for standardisation!  For so long all OOH operators have been speaking different languages when it comes to data, measurement, and reporting.  From the beginning of next year we will see all operators working in the same way, with consistent and automated approaches, from locations to standard share of time. This will make it easier for agencies to plan and trade, as well as compare and evaluate, and will make it easier for clients to understand with a simplistic terminology across all.

“Also, an announcement of a big ambition for OOH to be the first media channel that will be fully carbon neutral, it will be interesting to see who gets there first given we have heard that across other channels, specifically TV, in the latest Upfronts season.

Cassie Longmuir, Client Solutions Director, Half Dome: “Australians are coming out of their homes after some of the world’s longest lockdowns. 2022 is going to be a truly defining moment for the OOH sector and importantly the brands that advertise within.

“We know that brands are more consumed with numbers and measurement than ever before. ROI will continue to be the buzzword of the media industry and we will ride the rollercoaster of brands coming back to life. MOVE 1.5 is perfectly timed to align with the expected boom back into OOH advertising. With the increased pressure of measurement, the OMA’s update to MOVE will allow for simplicity and a standardised view on how we buy and sell OOH.

“With the addition of neuroscience to the formula, agencies and clients will be able to understand the effective impact of all types of OOH within their campaigns. For the first time ever, we will be able to measure the true impact of static and digital billboards. With the increase in digital inventory and the popularity of programmatic buying, it will be interesting to see where clients’ priorities shift in 2022. There has been plenty of independent research conducted to review the impact of digital inventory. Although, time and time again, it is the combination of static and digital inventory that has proven to deliver smarter and stronger performing campaigns.

“As we know OOH can form an influential position in all stages of the consumer purchase journey, which means that MOVE 1.5 will now be a vital tool for planning and negotiations moving into the New Year. When agencies and clients are planning their campaigns, they will be able to use share of time which will hopefully make it easier to buy by environment and audience rather than spots and dots on a media plan.

“To top it all off, the OMA announced that the OOH sector will be moving towards carbon neutrality in 2022. This will give brands the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their campaigns, which will hopefully help shift the dial on why our environment is so important.

“These are all really positive changes to transparency and measurement of the OOH sector. I look forward to the evolution of MOVE 2.0 in 2024.”

Chris Parker, CEO, Awaken: “Finally having a common currency and share of time is a great leap ahead for the industry. 

“Adding the measurement of audience dwell time will definitely help sometimes over-inflated total audience metrics to allow our clients to truly measure true impact against target audiences. 

“As an agency, we want as much access to data as possible to make strategic decisions for our clients, and MOVE 1.5 provides the insights across the digital network that we have desperately needed. 

“It is also a great initiative to see the industry moving to carbon natural. Positive environmental programs are becoming a consideration for brands and this flows into the mediums they advertise on.”

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