Industry Profile: TubeMogul director Jared Levitt

30 June 2015
Jared Levitt

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This week we head to Sydney to meet American Jared Levitt, TubeMogul's enterprise sales director.

Duration in current role/time at the company:

A career lifetime! Actually five years, but that’s a lifetime in ad tech.

In one sentence, how would you describe what the company does?
TubeMogul provides advertisers with all the tools they need to execute successful, cross-screen brand campaigns in one centralised platform – leaving more time for creative strategy and innovation.

In one sentence, what does your role involve?

Definitely not sleep… But seriously, my role involves keeping on top of the latest developments in programmatic advertising and helping clients translate them into the crazy possibilities that exist in good digital marketing today.

I work with senior executives both within and outside the company, consult with technical innovators and lead projects that impact the bottom line. I consider myself so fortunate to have had this kind of exposure early in my career.

Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones?

Becoming a public company last year. Since then, we have continued to drive innovation in brand advertising. We launched programmatic TV in the US late last year, and have celebrated several milestones since – Mondelez used the software to buy ads for Oreo and Ritz that aired during the biggest football game of the year in the US - which was cool. We are working hard on a local PTV solution in Australia and are really proud of the recent launch of our programmatic out-of-home offering.

Best thing about the industry you work in:

All the fun acronyms to remember! No, it’s definitely the people. As technology and science merge with media and advertising, we are starting to see this amazing blend of personalities. It’s a place where a nerd can get their social on or a sales-stud can get their geek on, and both are celebrated for it. This has created a hive of innovation as these technical socialites drive evolution in the nimble Australian market.

Previous industry related (ad land/ad tech) companies you have worked at:

I’m a proud Tube-lifer. I started at TubeMogul in San Francisco straight out of university when the company was 25 people. Today, the company has offices all over the world. I moved to Sydney three and a half years ago to open our APAC operations team and haven’t looked back.

Career-wise, where do you see yourself in three years time?

Probably on vacation, but after I return from holiday, I aspire to be heading up a country or region within the TubeMogul business. Creating a vision and building a team to achieve that vision is something that I would love to do.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

I’m really competitive. Actually, I’m pretty sure they know that. I don’t think they know that as a kid, I had bad ADD; I could never pay attention in class. Also, that I know how to correctly use a semi-colon.

Top networking tip:

Be friendly, open, and warm. When you are honest with people, they will generally be honest with you.

My favourite restaurant for a business lunch is:

Movida. Partly because it’s three floors below our office and partly because cured wagyu steak with egg yolk is pure gold.

My favourite advert is:

I’ve always been a sucker for ads that play on the heartstrings. The recent Budweiser US Big Game ads were amazing. It’s a great example of pathos and ethos in storytelling. The ad embodied the spirit of Budweiser while simultaneously creating an emotional connection. All without words. Give me a Budweiser.

My must-have gadget is:

I’m still amazed by the tap and pay system in Australia.

My favourite media is:


My favourite TV show is:

The Wire. I felt like I was taking a class in urban socio-dynamics and policy. Except that I stayed awake.

The last book I read:

The Third Plate by Dan Barber. It is a really interesting read about the relationship between good food and sustainable agriculture.

My mantra / philosophy is:

“Today is my favorite day”. It comes from an old A.A Milne quote that has stuck with me from childhood.

I got into advertising/ad tech/marketing etc because:

It offered the opportunity to be involved in cutting edge software, research and innovation, while surrounding myself with great people and culture. I feel really grateful to be in this position and for TubeMogul to keep encouraging me to be pursue smart and innovative ways to GSO, FSO, MSH - get shit done, figure shit out and make shit happen!

If I wasn't doing this for a living, I'd be:

A snowboard teacher in Japan, working on my back-flip in my spare time

In five years' time I'll be:

Maybe a grown-up - but hopefully, an expat living the ad tech dream in an exciting part of the world.

Define your job in one word:


What's your poison:

Ardberg 10, neat.

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