Five benefits of programmatic for marketers

By AdNews | 20 July 2020

Programmatic is fast-becoming the predominant way to transact among advertisers and publishers.

According to the IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), the skew towards programmatic advertising continued in the first quarter of 2020 with 43% of all advertising bought programmatically versus 38% being bought from agencies using insertion orders (IOs).

But what are the benefits to using programmatic?

Speaking in an upcoming webinar, Cara Walsh, director and consultant of Cobble Hill Consulting, and Patrick Darcy, chief data and technology officer at Dentsu Aegis Network ANZ share five benefits for marketers.

1. Reaching the right audience
Marketers have a better chance of reaching their target audience with programmatic.

Walsh says with a larger pool of inventory available to marketers, they are able to target someone based on a number of different factors.

“I want to reach 20 to 30 year old women, so you place an ad on Cosmopolitan actually using data to have inferred or defined behavioral interests to reach the people that you want,” Walsh says.

“So there's a lot more ability to layer on data about users and then you can buy that impression wherever the user happens to be.”

2. Relevance
Where traditional marketing may reach the masses, it may not always be relevant to the audience it is in front of.

Programmatic allows brands to layer data and information together to create more relevant ad experiences for the right audiences.

“You can add all of the traditional display like demographic information and your location, but on top of that do third-party and first-party data,” Walsh says.

“So the third party data being other companies' information about an individual, whether it's Google or whether you buy through BlueKai or other data management platforms which are DMPs, or first party data which is linking into your own kind of CRM and your own data stores to re-target some of your existing customers.”

3. Guaranteed
Brand safety has been a concern for many marketers but Walsh says buying direct helps provide guarantee about where ads are going to be placed.

“I think a lot of the more traditional marketers like that because they know they're going to spend this amount, they know where it's going to appear,” she says.

“There's a bit more brand control. You know the publisher that is going to be showing your ad as opposed to kind of going out there and not sure what article or what website your ad might be on.”

Marketers can get a better price by buying bulk inventory direct as well.

4. Outcome-orientated
Programmatic is built to deliver outcomes - it is part of the technology’s DNA.

Darcy says it allows marketers to plug in what they are hoping to achieve and in turn can deliver better results.

“It's at every stage of the process that you really have to specify what does the client want from this campaign, and the technology works really, really hard to deliver it,” Darcy says.

“So I think that from its outset really, it's been oriented towards delivering outcomes.”

5. Agility and optimisation
Over the last few months, programmatic’s agile nature has seen its usage increase among marketers.

“It's got an ability to fluidly move and traverse a lot of those things to get the right outcomes out of a campaign,” Darcy says.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how quickly brands can pivot their marketing messages if needed.

“Programmatic was able to act a lot quicker, be that getting more investment in, pulling it out,” he says.

“So I think there's not just an agility in campaign delivery, but I think that ecosystem has an ability to kind of move with the market quicker as well.”

Want to know more about programmatic?

Tune into A Marketer’s Guide to Programmatic presented by PubMatic.

When? Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

What time? 12:00PM AEST.

Where? Online.


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