'Confident, strong, professional' - media buyers' verdict on Seven's New Fronts

By Arvind Hickman & Pippa Chambers | 27 October 2016
Media buyers are excited by biopics on Shane Warne and Olivia Newton-John.

Seven's New Fronts has delivered the 'wow' factor in terms of programming but media buyers were also impressed by how the network provided examples of past success for brands.

Last night, the most-watched network held its annual upfronts event to give media buyers and clients a rundown of what lies ahead. AdNews approached several key media buyers afterwards to gather their reactions to Seven's plans.

Overall impressions

“They clearly have a robust slate over the next 20 months and demonstrated a progressive vision on the kind of partnerships they want for 2017 and beyond,” Publicis Media chief executive Matt James.

“Clients want to hear about the effectiveness of their advertising platforms, opportunities across partnerships and how they drive results. Seven gave clear proof points that they have and will be doing this,” says Carat head on investment Ashley Earnshaw.

“Super strong content, as always they gave great confidence not just for next year but for the year after, it was both professional and slick and showed the resource of the network with its vast list of content, top level execs and stars on the payroll on display,” Atomic 212 chairman Barry O'Brien.

"Very strong, very confident. It was really interesting to see them focus on the effectiveness of the Seven Network and the direct correlation towards improving an advertiser's business. That's quite rare in an upfronts," IPG Mediabrands chief executive Danny Bass.

“A very solid, professional presentation from Seven which we’ve come to expect year after year,” Magna Global managing director Victor Corones.

"Seven up-fronts hit the mark. Seven have had another good year, with a strong pipeline to build upon that for the next 20 months. What I do like with Seven is that they always reflect, reminding us all what they set out to achieve and that it is a journey and partnership,” Carat CEO Paul Brooks. 

"It was a strong line-up of content. They obviously are baking again on their big tent pole shows, such as My Kitchen Rules, First Dates and all that. While they're playing around their strengths, they're also willing to take risks and bring out shows that are more edgy, like the one where they haven't released a name, but it drives speculation," Maxus national head of investment Ricky Chanana.

“A negative is they ignored the existing shows that do the heavy lifting for ratings, the likes of Better Homes and Gardens for example. They always seem to think that because of their scale, advertisers and agencies will automatically come to them based on the numbers. But that's not always going to be the case. We still want 'clever alignment', and R/F or TARPS don't do that, people do," Hadley Allchurch, business partner Joy and head of media strategy, Radar Sydney.

Programming hits

Warnie/Hoges/Olivia Newton-John biopics

“A continuation of their tradition of Australian mini series biopics - Warnie catches the eye. This will be a water cooler hit.” Earnshaw, Carat

“There a number that should do well including the Australian productions of Hoges, Olivia Newton John and Warnie. Seven set a tremendous benchmark with Molly which make many feel confident they can achieve similar success with these three,” Corones, Magna Global

True crime

“The cold case format taps into public intrigue into crime and the added cash incentive will create even greater appeal. Blue murder looks superb,” Earnshaw, Carat

“[Blue Murder] looks set to be audience winner.” James, Publicis Media

"One show that has the potential to be very compelling is the cold case one, where they're solving old murders. If they get just one solved, that's groundbreaking! And it's totally on-trend since the podcast, Serial," Allchurch, Radar Sydney

Yummy Mummies

“Yummy mummies looks like a guilty pleasure, reality TV format that will create a new local franchise for female audiences,” Earnshaw, Carat

“Yummy Mummies, will clearly have its lovers and haters. It will definitely find an audience and create some buzz among its fan base. But can it be afforded a prime time slot on the primary channel? Or will it be on one of their multi-channels?” Corones, Magna Global

“A few new additions to the reality genre, one that looked compelling in its tackiness, Yummy Mummies,” James, Publicis

Platform 7/Code Red

“[Platform 7] is acknowledging millennials choose to consumer and engage content differently to the broader community. What’s was unclear from the presentation is whether this ecosystem integrates with established social networks or if it’s a play that sits outside. For this audience it’s about taking content to them and not taking them out of their world,” Corones, Manga Global.

"Having a discussion around digital on millennials is interesting. It's smart of them to realise these guys are not watching broadcast linear TV, so they're creating content and going to where millennials are in terms of consumption. I'm curious to see how it will pan out and where it will sit on a digital platform perspective," Chanana, Maxus

“It was refreshing to hear them tackle the issue of reach and CPM volatility head-on through the launch of Code Red, their automated platform which promises next day reporting and the ability for advertisers to have more agility around their investment. Proof will be in the pudding of course,” James, Publicis

“Platform7 and Code7 are great builds for two different reasons, one helps reach a younger millennial audience while Code7 provides audience stability, cost control and more dynamic reporting. Both of which are great additions for our clients,” Brooks, Carat

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