Russel Howcroft

24 February 2023

Russel Howcroft was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame at a live event in Sydney for the AdNews Agency of the Year Awards, Thuesday, February 23, 2023.

Inductees are chosen based on how they have influenced the direction of the advertising industry and helped put Australia on the world map through outstanding, innovative and original advertising.

The induction was announced by adman Todd Sampson, who with Howcroft, also found his way into Australian living rooms via Gruen on ABC television.

Sampson: "I wish I had his confidence and surety. I wish I was that charming and likeable. I wish I could play the drums like him.

"I’ve never met anyone I disagree with more yet respect so much. He’s the only person other than my wife that has said to my face, in his case on television – ‘What are you going on about, you’re talking a load of shit’.

"I’ve seen Russel up, I’ve seen him down, I’ve seen him naked. (The naked part I wish I could erase) But I’ve never seen him lose faith in the industry he loves. The industry he champions with dogged enthusiasm.

"Gruen may have taken away my advertising career, but it has given me a dear friend that I’m lucky to have." 

Howcroft is now on radio at Nine’s 3AW. He also fronted the documentary How Australia Got Its Mojo.

He is known as the “sell” voice in Australia on the cultural and economic importance of advertising in society.

But he had a long and distinguished career before becoming recognisable via television in the collective mind of Australia.

He has served in many senior roles across the industry, including executive general manager at Network 10, PwC’s first chief creative officer and CEO of agency Young & Rubicam Group. He is currently chair of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

Howcroft's speech. when he was inducted into the Advertising Hall of fame, is HERE

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