Xero launches love song to Australia’s accountants and bookkeepers

2 July 2020

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A Little Love Song was developed in partnership with Australian entertainer Sam “Sam Mac” McMillan.

Global small business platform Xero has released an original music track to celebrate the accounting and bookkeeping industry’s monumental efforts in support of Australian small businesses this end of financial year.

The song, A Little Love Song, developed in partnership with Australian entertainer Sam “Sam Mac” McMillan, pays homage to the important work of advisors across the country, while aiming to bring some light relief to the reporting period.

It launches as advisors and their small business clients tackle a tax time like no other. Together they have been forced to navigate extreme economic challenges and new procedural requirements as a result of government stimulus packages.

“Accountants and bookkeepers have been working day and night to stay ahead of new requirements so they can support small businesses throughout the end of the financial year,” Xero managing director Australia and Asia Trent Innes says.

“In the midst of adversity, we’re hearing stories of accountants and bookkeepers saving the day for many small businesses, offering much-needed guidance – such as unpacking the requirements for packages like JobKeeper – or simply providing a shoulder to lean on.

“Our aim is to put a spotlight on the critical work done by advisors in support of small business, the backbone of the economy. We hope this song goes some way in recognising Australia’s often unsung heroes.”

Sam Mac said: "I was excited to get on board to have some fun and create this song with Xero to show some appreciation for these hard-working Aussies. It’s been a taxing year.”

“It's my pleasure to present the greatest love song ever written in dedication to bookkeepers and accountants. Admittedly, it's the only one, but technically, it's also the greatest. So let’s run with that."

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