Xero launches first TVC in Australia

6 February 2020

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The strategy, creative and media was handled by an in-house team.

Global small business platform Xero has launched a global brand campaign showcasing how small business problems can be solved in simple and beautiful ways.

Instead of taking 90 seconds to preach a manifesto, Xero is using everyday scenarios to show how the often complex tasks of managing a small business’ finances can be done in as little time as possible.

Staying true to its brand promise – beautiful business - Xero is taking the drudgery out of paperwork and accounts making it seamless, simple and smarter for its customers.

The campaign focuses on the absurd lengths small business owners go to do their books when they could just tap into using Xero - online and ‘real time’ technology.

A suite of six scenarios pay homage to common film tropes, so less time on ‘the setup’ and more time for solving the problem.

Each scenario brings a different Xero feature to life; simplifying repetitive, complex tasks so business owners can focus on what matters to them.

Xero launched its positioning ‘beautiful business’ branding two years ago to align with its move to becoming a global platform for small business owners and their advisors.

“Xero is more than just software for accountants. It solves real business problems for everyday businesses in a beautiful way," Xero executive general manager of marketing James Kyd says.

"While we frequently like to show our real customers and celebrate the small business economy, we want to highlight the advantages of embracing technology and the significant benefits it delivers to small businesses.”

Two characters take on different guises in each of the scenarios. One always has a typical business problem, albeit with a rather unusual solution. The other is a helpful citizen who just happens to know a whole lot about Xero.

The integrated campaign is running across digital, TV, outdoor, podcast networks and radio.

The decision to run the campaign broadly reflects the multi-channel consumption by modern audiences and further builds on the Xero brand in key regions around the world.

In Australia, the ads focus on three of the six scenarios and demonstrate how tasks like running payroll or doing your invoicing can be made more beautiful when done on Xero.

This is the first TVC for Xero in Australia.

The strategy, creative and media was created by the in-house team at Xero.

Eight Films were engaged for video production and Steve Boniface for stills.

The campaign has launched across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, New Zealand with South Africa and Asia to come.

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