Woolies animal cards make kids crazy

5 November 2014

Advertiser: Woolworths

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Woolworths have released another instalment of their animal cards that have kids going crazy.

Pokemon cards are so 1999. Woolworths' collectable animal cards are all the rage and just when you thought your kids had the full collection, Woolies has gone and released another 108 of them. Prepare to buy random and unnecessary items in order to find that one elusive, infuriating animal. 

The new collectable cards aren't just normal animals either, they're "Super Animals". Woolworths shoppers receive four of the cards for every $20 spent and for an additional $5 you can also purchase the album to keep the collection in. Or you can go really high-tech and purchase the sound card reader, which allows kids to hear the animal sounds by inserting the card. This can be yours for an additional cost of $6. 

After failing to commission enough albums after the last release, the $5 items were being sold on eBay for upwards of $50. Woolworths animal cards have caused a frenzy. Coles must be kicking themselves.

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