Will Kia's new Sorento spot make you smile?

16 July 2018

Creative Agency: Innocean

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Driving a Kia Sorento is an experience that will make every creature, large or small, smile.

Driving in a new Kia Sorento is one of life’s little smiley treats.

In fact, not only will the SUV make a garden gnome, sheep and a kelpie on the back of a ute smile as you drive past, it will also arouse the toothy interest of a crocodile, which probably means you’ve taken a wrong turn at Alice Springs.

This ‘charming’ spot uses a fresh take on Nat King Cole’s classic tune ‘Smile” to weave it all together.

Kia’s new ad to promote the Sorento will run from July and is launched around the same time as sister brand Hyundai extended a backseat olive branch to promote its new Sante Fe model.

The creative is by Innocean, which handles Kia and Hyundai’s advertising.

“A few things made me smile about this spot. Firstly, the single-minded narrative. More often than not everybody wants to focus on everything,” Innocean Australia executive creative director Steve Jackson said.

"Secondly, working with Noah Marshall again who, along with Blockhead, helped us create a really elegant tone for the spot. And finally, the singer, I was nervous about retaining the class of Nat’s masterpiece, but she’s rather fabulous I think. Thank you Nylon for finding such a gem.”

Will this ad make SUV lovers smile?

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