Why do we ride, asks Škoda’s powerful new campaign

17 July 2018

Creative Agency: PHD Network
Media Agency: PHD Network

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Škoda, originally a cycling company, wants more women to cycle and has released a beautiful piece of creative to inspire change.

Why do we ride bicycles?

To go fast, to fight fears, to reconnect with nature, to find soulmates and because freedom tastes good.

That’s powerful message of Škoda’s latest spot, which has a strong women empowerment theme.

Although better known as a Czech car manufacturer, Škoda began as a cycling company 120 years and still has a strong involvement in the sport, including sponsoring the Tour de France.

Around the world, Škoda is using this campaign to help promote cycling to women, a huge area of potential growth for the sport.

Škoda Australia is partnering with VMO Active’s gym network to inspire more women to get into cycling by showcasing the positive health and social impacts.

To drive further exposure Škoda will have a presence across Val Morgan Outdoor Active TV and digital screen network across the various gyms.

There will also be editorial content that demonstrates the benefits of cycling through the lens of Cycling Mums Australia, who have recently partnered with Škoda as ambassadors for the brand.

“Through uncovering a key insight, we have transformed what started off as a low budget social campaign into a rich media execution which has received additional resource to further amplify the rich content,” said Jeremy Hooper, PHD planning director.

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