‘Whisky Doesn’t Care What’s Between Your Legs’ via Emotive

28 April 2022

Creative Agency: Emotive

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Changing the outdated perception of the stereotypical whisky drinker.

Academy Award winner Anna Paquin and single malt scotch The Glenlivet are ripping up the rule book on whisky drinking traditions via a provocative campaign: ‘Whisky Doesn’t Care What’s Between Your Legs’ by Emotive

The launch film, directed by fashion director and photographer Jamie Nelson on location at her 1968 Hollywood regency style home in San Fernando Valley, LA, sees Paquin turning whisky drinking traditions on their head.

Paquin was selected to become the face of The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand due to her ongoing invitation to flip convention on its head. She is a vocal advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand marketing manager Kristy Rutherford says, “Anna not only personified our core brand values, but just like The Glenlivet, she redefines her own category whether that’s through her acting, speaking out about social injustices or taking a stance that she can drink her whisky however she pleases."

Emotive CEO Simon Joyce: “We set out to deliver a campaign that flipped the script on preconceived ideas of how it should be drunk and advertised.

"Gone are the tumblers, fireplaces, oak barrels, reconstructions of Scottish life in 1822 and dark brooding men with facial hair.

"In their place is Canadian born, New Zealand actor Anna Paquin, a blue tiger head and all kinds of whiskey drinking blasphemy.”

'Whisky Doesn't Care What's Between Your Legs' builds on The Glenlivet global mission to change the outdated perception of the stereotypical whisky drinker - one image at a time.

Creative Agency: Emotive
CEO: Simon Joyce
Creative Director: Ben Clare
Snr Producer: Gemma Atkinson
Art Director: Alex King
Business Director: Ciaran Miller-Stubbs Talent Acquisition: Ben Keep
Production: Plus, Plus
Director & Photography: Jamie Nelson / IG @Jamienelson6
Managing Director: Dave Horowitz
Head of Content / Executive Producer: Trevor Paperny
Line Producer: Kaila Mulcahy
DP: Michael Merriman
Production Designer: Keith Boos
Hair: David Stanwell / IG @davestan
Makeup: Amy Nadine / IG @amynadinemakeup
Wardrobe: Alexandra Mandelkorn / IG @mandelkorn
Post Production: The Editors
Post Producer: Charlotte Griffiths
Editor: Peter Barton
Colourist: Greg Constantine
Online: Heather Galvin
Stills Retouch: Gabrielle Hughes, SamIAm Management
Sound: Electric Sheep Music / IG @Electricsheepmusic
Sound Design: Joe Mount
Song: “The Source” Frankie Simone / IG @iamfrankiesimone
Marketing Director: Eric Thompson
Head of Whisky: Kristy Rutherford
Senior Brand Manager: Jessica Bath
Assistant Brand Manager: Josh Inbari

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