Whiskas uncovers the secret life of cats

11 March 2015

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO (Sydney)

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Just when you thought the internet was chock-full of cats, Whiskas launches a new campaign that starts the game all over again.

Because now, thanks to Catstacam, your cat can take its own pictures. Better yet, it can also upload them to the its own Instagram profile. Sometimes the world is a really amazing place.

The campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Sydney for Mars Petcare - owner of Whiskas - sees a series of exclusively produced devices given to cat-loving celebrities and famous cats with the ability to give cat-lovers a glimpse into the secret world of feline behaviour. 

The devices can shoot up to six photos per minute and uses motion-detector technology to capture real life moments from the cat's point of view. The photos are then uplaoded to the cat's own Instagram profile with its behaviour to be analysed and decoded by a Whiskas cat behaviour expert; an occupation some would call a dream job.

Mars Petcare Australia MD Sylvia Burbery said: "Whiskas is always looking for new ways to help cat owners get closer to their cats. Working with Clemenger BBDO Sydney, we have created Whiskas Catstacam, an innovative idea that allows us to help nurture cat ownership by undestanding their behaviour through advice from one of Australia's leading veterinarian specialists, Dr Jacqui Ley."

Even better? The packaging of the device doubles as a cat-toy. My word.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney executive creative director Paul Nagy said the campaign taps into the popularity of cat content on the internet.

"We all know the internet's obsessed with cats," Nagy said.

"We wanted to take this a step further by not only giving cats their own Instagram accounts, but the ability to take and upload their own photos, in real time. The result is absolutely mesmerising and gives us new insight into the world of cats." 


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