Westpac pushes diversity in latest ‘Dear Bump’ social work

4 April 2017

Advertiser: Westpac
Creative Agency: DDB Sydney

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Westpac is pushing diversity in the last reiteration of its ‘Dear Bump’ campaign released last year.

The new ad, shared on the bank’s Facebook page, features a lesbian couple who are expecting a child.

The 2-minute social video shows friends and families of all different ethnicities welcoming the unborn child.

One person says: “I hope you get your other mums taste in music.”

Another says: “Be curious, travel the world but most of all have a whole lot of fun.”

The latest piece of work is from creative agency DDB, who launched the first part of the campaign in January.

The campaign promotes Westpac’s Bump program, which deposits $200 into accounts open on behalf of children born in 2017, accessible when they turn 16 in 2033.

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