Westpac gives away thousands in cash via social media

11 August 2015

Advertiser: Westpac
Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne
Media Agency: MediaCom (NSW)

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DDB Australia's social media campaign for Westpac Get Cash saw more than $40 000 given away in cash over two weeks.

Westpac has given away more than $40,000 in cash via ATM machines using lives codes for a social media campaign created by DDB Australia.

The Westpac Get Cash promotion reached over 5.5 million viewers over a two-week campaign, which featured a series of seemingly bland web films that had real, six-digit cash codes hidden within them.
When customers punched the codes into any Westpac ATM they were rewarded with cash in amounts between $50 and up to $300.

DDB Group Melbourne chief creative officer, Darren Spiller, said: “If you’re going to go all-in on social, you need to be original and you need to be bold. Let people discover your message, then reward them for getting involved."

The campaign promoted Westpac's service that allows customers to withdraw cash from an account without a card.
The offbeat tone of the web films, broadcast on the Westpac website and seeded via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, made sure viewers knew Westpac was in on ‘the joke’.

The campaign saw Westpac become the first bank in Australia to use Snapchat and Periscope, enabling live broadcast from selected Westpac ATMs throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Head of mass marketing services and Westpac marketing and brand, Elaine Herlihy, said: “This was different to anything that we’ve done before. The mechanics of the campaign were much more subtle than a traditional approach, in that we left it to the consumer to discover the ’rewards’ of paying attention to the online tutorials.

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