Westinghouse refreshes its proposition in latest campaign

28 May 2018

Media Agency: PHD Network

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The latest campaign looks to remind consumers that they can take control of their kitchen, even in a chaotic household.

Westinghouse has refreshed it’s 'Really Clever' brand proposition with a new campaign which challenges household appliance category conventions.

The campaign celebrates the chaos that is the reality of modern family households.

Told through the eyes of a family, the campaign shines a light on product features that allow Westinghouse owners to take control in their kitchen.

“Westinghouse is a brand that prides itself on an ethos of practical inventiveness by creating products that provide a true functional benefit to its customers," Electrolux home products marketing director Anastasia Barlas says.

“This is an iconic brand that Aussies love and so we wanted to tell our story by being honest in how we portrayed Aussie family life and the role our products play in them.”

The campaign will be rolled out across broadcast, digital and retail over the next six months.

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