Wendell Sailor humours State of Origin fans with mundane tasks via Thinkerbell

27 June 2022

Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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“We admire brands who have a bit of fun at their own expense."

Menulog, during game two of State of Origin on Sunday evening, released a series of ads showcasing footy legend Big Dell, aka Wendell Sailor, doing mundane things at home.

After receiving feedback from footy fans during game one that the frequency of the new campaign launch featuring global superstar Katy Perry disrupted their Origin viewing experience, Menulog wanted to have a bit of fun and take things in another direction for game two, via a series of deadpan advertising spots playing throughout the match.

Developed by Thinkerbell, Sailor was on full display through a series of everyday activities, including brushing his teeth, reading ‘King of the Wing’ and having a snooze. The feedback was instant online, with many singing the praises of Menulog’s reaction including:

  •  I must say, the Menulog ads during State of Origin game 2 are absolutely magnificent! @Menulog. Whatever team created these ads needs a raise, honestly! 
  • The new @Menulog ads are pure ART. Well played @RealBigDell, well played @Menulog.
  • Fair play to Menulog for having some fun after all the complaints about the Katy Perry ad last Origin.

Simon Cheng, marketing director at Menulog Australia, said: “We may have slightly overcooked it for footy fans with our advertising during game 1 of State of Origin. But we get it…the fans tune in for some great footy."

"Our Katy Perry ad is definitely not going anywhere and Aussies can expect to see and hear it many more times, but for game 2 of Origin, we wanted to give them something a little closer to home with a bit of Wendell.”

Adam Ferrier, chief tinker at Thinkerbell, said: “We admire brands who have a bit of fun at their own expense. We loved helping Menulog get involved in the conversation and deliver something bloody unexpected.”

The campaign has been supported via earned media and social media platforms.


Client: Menulog Australia

Creative, Earned and Social: Thinkerbell

Media: UM

Production: Elastic




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