Volvo partners with WhiteGrey to beat plastic pollution

6 June 2018

Creative Agency: WhiteGrey

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Volvo partnered with WhiteGrey to create a 'Living Seawall' in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans.

For its 'Living Seawall' campaign, Volvo partnered with WhiteGrey Sydney to join the United Nations’ World Environment Day initiative to beat plastic pollution.

The Living Seawall uses uniquely designed tiles made from concrete reinforced with 100% recycled plastic fibres to mimic the root structure of mangrove trees that were once prolific along Sydney Harbour. The plastic fibres are embedded within the concrete in such a way that they cannot disperse into the environment.

Chad Mackenzie, national ECD at WhiteGrey, says the agency's remit included strategy, creative, product design (in a collab with SIMS and Reef Design Lab), digital and social.

He says sustainability and innovation are at the core of Volvo’s brand philosophy so the Living Seawall just reinforces the brand's commitment to tackling ocean plastic pollution.

“Solving the problem of plastic requires a truly innovative approach to creativity ... we came up with the idea of using concrete reinforced with recycled plastic to create the seawall tiles that promote biodiversity and help to improve water quality.”

Mackenzie explains that it's the first time this material has been used for this purpose, adding it's "a very exciting project that we hope will be adopted globally".

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