Vodka and seawater. A summertime treat!

23 January 2015

Creative Agency: 303Lowe (NSW)

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Probably best not to be drinking coffee while you're watching the latest 303Lowe campaign.

Sinking a few down and heading down to the beach for a quick swim/drown probably isn't the best idea, with 303Lowe appointed to make the point for Royal Lifesaving Australia.

In a series of fake ads promoting the new Sinker brand alcoholic beverage, 303Lowe makes the point that mixing alcohol and water isn't a great idea.

The ads present the classic images of bronzed bodies on the beach, having great summer fun.

In one of the ads, pro surfer and model Ellie-Jean Coffey throws back a SINKER, fresh from waxing a surfboard on a young man's back.

A smooth voiceover comes in, telling the viewer that there's only one way to cool down this summer, and that's with a refreshing SINKER.

One part Vodka … and one part real seawater.

Spit take.

It turns out that alcohol and se water really don't mix in any sort of way.

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