University of Melbourne launches Made Possible, Together

16 December 2021

Media Agency: Mindshare (VIC)

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The campaign to demonstrate power of research runs to April 2022.

The University of Melbourne has launched a new campaign showing how problems are solved using leading research.

The Made Possible, Together campaign, running until April 2022, will focus on emerging research in biomedical innovation and climate, including energy, water, agriculture, environment and infrastructure. A new Climate Hub microsite is the centrepiece.

The university’s in-house creative team drove the campaign, with video production by Hogarth Melbourne and the media buy managed by Mindshare.

Climate Hub showcases the depth and breadth of the University’s climate research, with a focus on capability, collaboration, and big ideas, exploring a variety of topics from Indigenous land management to the latest in clean technologies, and preserving our biodiversity.

With a strategic focus on commercialisation, the University has invested over $5.3 million in research projects and start-ups – more than 180 starts-ups have raised over $100 million in funding and generated over $120 million in revenue. 

126 Intellectual Property (IP) disclosures were filed last year, with 368 overall in the past four years. The University has supported research development for two major companies that debuted on the ASX this year, Rubicon and Clarity Pharmaceuticals.

Siobhan Forbes, Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing, said the campaign is an important message from the University of Melbourne.  

“It is not just desirable to translate research into genuine societal impact, it is our duty to do so when the opportunity arises,’’ Forbes said.

“We are proud of the examples which demonstrate how we successfully work with industry to create innovative outcomes for the greater good.

“Including the Epi-Minder, a device to detect and eventually predict epileptic seizures, and the McMonty Hood, a personal ventilation hood for hospital beds which helps contain droplet spread of COVID-19 in intensive care units.

“We hope this campaign inspires new partnerships which will make new things possible and leave a positive impact on the world.” 

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