United Colours of Benetton celebrates by halves

8 March 2017

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It's time for women to take their half says United Colours of Benetton.

Fashion label United Colours of Benetton has released a campaign in celebration of Internartional Women's Day 2017.

'United by Half', from Creativeland Asia, originally debuted only in India but due to an overwhelming response, the campaign has now been released globally.

United Colours of Benetton worldwide communications director Gianluca Pastore was not surprised by the adaptability of the campaign.

“This was originally designed for the Indian market so it specifically was focused on a social issue that is everywhere, but most specifically topics that are absolutely super huge in India” says Pastore.

The minute-long video sees women of all ages, faiths and occupations challenging the norm that women are 'half' of man, asking instead to take back their overdue halves.

The ad was produced by Oink Films.

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