Unilever shows how brands can do good

2 September 2016

Advertiser: Unilever

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Unilever's core philosophy is that brands should have purpose. Its latest ad is a cross-brand campaign that aims to show exactly how its brands are doing good.

The film, titled “‘So Long Old World’, was created by Ogilvy UK.

It talks about Dove's Real Beauty campaign, OMO/Persil's Dirt is Good, its partnership with Unicef and its Domestos work – and explains what those purpose driven brands have delivered back to the company, to consumers and to the world.

Unilever's view is that when people buy Persil detergent, they aren't just buying a product to help clean their hands, or their clothes, they are helping a young child get an education, or get access to clean toilets. Or when they buy Dove, it's not just a shampoo but a programme to help girls and women be more confident.

It ends with the line “When you chose Unilever, you help create a brighter future.”

Unilever's CMO Keith Weed is also the company’s chief sustainability officer, with a mission to drive sustainability through its operations and its brand marketing. It launched its Sustainable Initiative in 2010 outlining a long-term mission to improve its impact on people and the planet. Among its efforts it pledged to market its brands responsibly with purpose at the core.

The ad is running on TV in countries including UK, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia.

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