Unicef brings you a singing grim reaper and a good cause

17 April 2015

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No that's not Julie Andrews singing her way up a hillside. It's the grim reaper, here to tell you a few of his favourite things.

Which include Cholera, E. Coli and Leptospirosis. The video is part of a campaign for Unicef by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors to highlight that waterbourne diseases kill 1000 children a day: more than all armed conflicts combined.

For only 100 sek (AUD$14.98) Unicef can purify over 1000 litres of water using water purification tablets which prevent these diseases, and get that jolly grim reaper off the mountain in one fell swoop.


Senior Marketing Officer: Jim Carlberg
Marketing Officer: Anna Sandberg
Project Manager: Eva Torkelson
PR Manager: Ingeborg Ekblom

Art Director: Johanna Hofman-Bang, Agnes Stenberg-Schentz
Copywriter: Marcus Hägglöf, Jacob Nelson
Designer: Nina Andersson, Johan Fredriksson
Account Director: Emelie Schröder
Account Manager: Lena Birnik
Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed
Digital Producer: Andreas Johansson
Music Supervisor: Jenny Ring
Planner: Amelie Sandström
Production Company: Acne Production
Director: Torbjörn Martin
Executive producer: Petur Mogensen
Producer: Fredrik Skoglund
Director of Photography: Torbjörn Martin
Editor: Torbjörn Martin
Post Production: Chimney Pot
Sound: Ljudligan
Service production: Bas Production
Final Art work: F&B Factory
Music: Mattias Tegnér
PR Strategist: Amanda Lindgren (Edelman Deportivo)



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