Unibet returns to TV after two years

12 February 2018

Media Agency: Bohemia Group

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Unibet is moving away from the slapstick humour of wagering advertising and targeting a more sophisticated punter with its latest ad.

Unibet has returned to TV after two years with a 30-second spot which aims to stand out in a cluttered crowd and add some class to the category.

The ad, 'By Puntres, For Punters', features a number of diverse individuals, from tradesmen to surfers.

"We understand it's not just about money, it's about winning," the voiceover says.

Unibet head of marketing and operations Julian Timmins says the campaign aims to speak to Aussie punters with "more respect than some other wagering advertising".

"We genuinely are a betting company made ‘By Punters, For Punters’ and welcome customers who do form more analytically and take their betting a little more seriously. We feel we have the best overall offering those types of punters."

The ad was created by DDB Stockholm with Bohemia handling the media. Bohemia won the account in October 2015.

Bohemia head of media and investment Theo Zisoglou believes the ad captures the essence of Unibet's proposition to reach a more calculated punter.

"Unibet has been off Free-to-air TV for nearly two years so we created a cross-screen campaign to raise awareness in a very cluttered category," he says.

"The messaging is a nice change to the tongue-in-cheek nature of other wagering companies”.


Client: Unibet – Julian Timmins, Renee Kraakman

Media Agency: Bohemia – Oliver Boyd-Lambert, Theo Zisoglou

Creative: DDB Stockholm (global)

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