Transport for NSW revamps 'Plan B' via Ogilvy

5 May 2022

Advertiser: Transport for NSW
Creative Agency: Ogilvy (NSW)

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The spot encouraging drivers to seek alternatives to driving when drinking is in its tenth year.

Ogilvy Australia have launched the latest iteration of the Plan B campaign for the NSW Government, encouraging motorists to make positive decisions when it comes to getting home safely after drinking alcohol.

The behaviour change campaign, which targets men aged 17-49 and younger females, highlights the physiological impacts of alcohol and encourages NSW motorists not to put themselves or others on the road at risk by getting behind the wheel after drinking. 

Toby Talbot, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Network, said: “Terry Godmother is our new loveable, mystical voice of reason, who emphasises the importance of having a Plan B in a memorable way. He is the voice in our head we all need to get home safely after drinking.

“Now in its tenth year, this new take on the successful Plan B campaign will encourage roader users to plan ahead to save lives.”

Tara McCarthy, Deputy Secretary of Safety, Environment and Regulation at Transport for NSW: "Drink driving is one of the biggest causes of death and injury on NSW roads. This campaign reminds drivers that if you’ve been drinking, you need a Plan B to get home safely.

“Working with Ogilvy, we were able to bring this message to life and ensure that Terry Godmother’s words of wisdom help create safer roads for people across NSW."


Client: Transport for NSW

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Australia


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