The Royal Australian Mint creates millions of new ways to donate via Saatchi & Saatchi

7 September 2020

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

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Donation Dollar is the world’s first legal tender currency designed to be donated.

The Royal Australian Mint and Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne have launched Donation Dollar, the world’s first legal tender currency designed to be donated.

The plan is to mint a ‘Donation Dollar’ for every Australian, creating 25 million reminders to donate.

As a nation we have been fast to adopt online and digital payment methods – ever more so since the pandemic.

Sadly, a shift away from notes and coins has had unforeseen and significant consequences on Australian charities.

Many of which rely on coin donations – as do the most disadvantaged members of our society. While the ways we use currency are evolving, coins and notes are still relevant. And, for many, necessary.

Each Donation Dollar is therefore designed to be a small reminder to give. And each one in circulation will create its own loop of generosity.

If every Australian gave just one Donation Dollar a month, we could raise an additional $3 billion for charities over 10 years.

Which is one of the reasons why the idea has had the full endorsement and support of the Community Council of Australia (CCA) – a collective of over 50,000 charity organisations.

“This is a world first initiative that everyone at the Mint is very proud of. For over two years we have worked closely with our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne to construct an approach that can make an extraordinary difference to Australians," Royal Australian Mint executive general manager – marketing, sales and innovation Mark Cartwright says.

“We do hope that the Donation Dollars act as a gentle reminder that as individuals we have the power to help those that are doing it tough – the act of giving these dollars, multiplied over and over for many years, has the potential to make a significant contribution to the lives of many.”

Launching on International Charity Day, Donation Dollar is supported by an integrated campaign led by film, social and earned media, the latter being facilitated by Publicis Groupe agency, Herd MSL.

“I am incredibly proud of the team behind this project," Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne executive creative director Simon Bagnasco says.

"It is a rare feat to bring an idea to the world which helps all charities, not just one. And a special thank you to everyone at the Mint for the spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm they brought to this project.”

Chair of The Community Council for Australia and former chief executive of World Vision Australia Tim Costello has shared his praise and support for Donation Dollar and the impact it will have on those who need a helping hand.

Costello adds: “Our immediate reaction when presented with the Donation Dollar was ‘finally an idea that unites every Australian charity, but also every Australian, in a common good’," Costello says.

"With research showing one in five Australians, who don’t currently give to charity at all, saying the coin would lead to them giving more to charity, there’s no doubt in my mind this is a gift that will benefit those who are most vulnerable in our nation, starting now – a time when many need this kind of helping hand the most.”


Client: The Royal Australian Mint
General Manager, Marketing, Sales & Innovation: Mark Cartwright
Project Manager: Frederica Heacock
Marketing & Communications Manager: Nicolle Keyes

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Spirkovski
Executive Creative Director: Simon Bagnasco
Creative Director: Lee Sunter
Senior Creative/Copywriter: Adam Ferrie
Senior Creative/Art Director: Peter Cvetkovski
Head of Design: Matt Alpass
Designer: Alice De Saulles
Finished Artist: Juliet Symes
Executive Producer: Lucy Trengove
Producer: Zena Bartlett
Senior Digital Producer: Nick Baum
Digital Design: Jarryd Hood
Head of Content: Fei Wang
Creative Content Producer: Heather McKean
Developer: Steven Ashby & Dagmar Ford
Strategist: Jack Gilbert
Group Account Director: Leah Williams
Account Director: James Cameron
Account Director (2019): Jamie Herman
Account Executive: Jobe MacShane
Senior Business Director (2019): Adam Brami
New Business Director: Rebecca Robertson
Managing Director: Mark Cochrane

Production Company: Revolver
Director: Stephen Carroll
Managing Director / EP: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Associate EP: Anna Mannix
Producer: Max Horn
Cinematographer: Jordan Maddocks

Post Production: The Editors, Melbourne
Executive Producer: Charlotte Griffiths
Editor: Leila Gabbi

Post Production & VFX: Alt VFX
Senior Producer: Celeste Fairlie & Adrianna Spanos
VFX Supervisor & Online Editor: Dave Edwards
VFX Production Manager: Jayce Attewell
Head of 3D: Nick Angus
CG Supervisor: Jordan McInnes
Animator: Kerri Moss
Lead Compositor: Matt Chance
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
Retouch Artist: Jonathon Ryder

Music Composition: Turning Studios
Composer: Elliot Wheeler
Producer: Carla De Menezes Ribeiro

Audio Post Production: Squeak E. Clean Studios
Head of Sound: Paul Le Couteur
Executive Producer: Ceri Davies

Earned Media & Public Relations: Herd MSL
PR & Earned Lead: Rob Tolan
PR Strategy & Account Director: Stephanie Banno
PR Account Managers: Sarah Gilmore & Coralie Redden
Publicity Support: Nelson Fogarty, Lucy Rayner, Sarah Lipkin, Sophia Mathias, Karen Dunnicliff & Damian Marwood
Group Managing Director: Skye Lambley

Event Management: Yakusan Brand Experience
Senior Account Director: Isabelle Ward
Associate Producer: Lauren Hunter

Audio News Release: MediaCast

Video New Release: Hug Media

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