The Monkeys in perfect harmony with Telstra and Thelma

3 July 2018

Creative Agency: The Monkeys

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The Monkeys' new Telstra campaign showcases what happens when you combine the power of technology on a walk to the shops.

The Monkeys has unveiled its latest work, a campaign for Telstra that showcases what happens when you combine new technology with Telstra’s capabilities on a simple walk to the shops.

The 60-sec TVC follows emerging Triple J Unearthed artist Thelma Plum as she heads out with her phone in hand. This turns into much more of an experience than she bargained for – but in a good way - as she harnesses the power of the Telstra network through her phone. And has everyone dancing to her tune.

The Monkeys co-founder and creative director Justin Drape says bringing the campaign to life was “a fun ride”.

Directed by Joel Kefali of Goodoil Films, the TVC features Thelma doing her version of Flight Facilities’ track Clair de Lune, which has been released to coincide with the launch of the campaign.   

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