The International Koala Centre of Excellence rebrands as Koala Life

16 March 2021

Creative Agency: Principals (NSW)

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Branding design agency Principals has created a new brand, positioning and strategy for the koala centre.

Branding design agency Principals has created a new brand, positioning and strategy for the International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE).

To ensure the koala lives safely and thrives within our community, the South Australian Government established the IKCE, an organisation that leads vital research into the health and habitat of the koala.

In 2020, bushfires pushed the Australian koala population to the brink. The tragic fires on Kangaroo Island almost wiped out the world’s only disease-free population.

While continuing to drive research, IKCE was also tasked with caring for displaced koalas, survivors from the bushfires, and that broadened the remit of the organisation.

IKCE needed a stronger brand to help build its profile and awareness in a sector where many organisations, amateur and professional, speak up for koalas.

The brand needed to support IKCE’s vital work, spotlight the scale of the problem and expand the organisation’s network in the search for scientific breakthroughs.

“Prior to 2020, habitat loss, disease and climate change were dramatically impacting koalas," Koala Life CEO Chris Daniels says.

"The bushfires across the country added to their plight making our work all the more important. But we needed help.”

Through its Good Idea Foundation – which sees the agency use its branding expertise as a force for good – Principals worked with IKCE to position the organisation as the authority on survival science.

The Principals team built a strategy that expresses the importance of the work and its impact on communities.

Principals recommended IKCE change its name to Koala Life, to highlight the immediacy of the challenge and create a more emotive connection with audiences.

The new name is supported by an evocative language style that is helping the organisation lead the conversation and rally people around the cause of survival science.

“Working closely with Chris and the team, we have designed a single-minded brand identity that’s all about survival," Principals CEO Tom Brigstocke says.

"It’s a distinctive system with an urgency that makes the organisation stand out in the conservation world. The new, immediately recognisable name tells people exactly what the organisation is all about.”

Daniels says: “Now, more than ever, koalas need our help and the new Koala Life brand positions us perfectly to galvanise these efforts.”

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