TBWA Sydney reveals first work for Macquarie University

8 May 2018

Creative Agency: TBWA Sydney

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TBWA's first work for Macquarie University highlights the power of human collaboration.

TBWA Sydney has launched its first work for Macquarie University since winning the account in January.

The 60-second spot focuses on inventions that have come from the university, like an invisible surfboard, various medical breakthroughs and solutions to the big societal issues.

"Answers to the world's biggest questions are out there, when you connect with another and another, that's you to the power of us," the voiceover says.

The spot introduces the tagline 'You to the Power of Us', taking a bold stance with its new approach as a way to lure potential students.

At the time of the agency appointment, Macquarie University chief marketing officer Elizabeth Horbach, who joined the business in 2017, replacing CMO John Chatterton, said the agency switch could strengthen the university's "engagement, connection and contribution to local, national and global communities".

There is growing competition in the university category that has undergone significant change in regulation over the last three years.

Universities have gone from being institutions attended only by the elite, to being free, to then being funded by a government loan scheme. In 2014, they got the nod from the federal government to set their own fees, which was then scrapped when Malcolm Turnbull was elected, and now is on the table again.

303 Mullen Lowe was previously the agency of record for the Sydney university, landing the account in 2015.

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